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Unlike document translation services who outsource their work overseas, all of our English certified document transcriptions are completed in the United States. We only work with certified and highly qualified translators – skilled linguists who are also well versed in your project’s subject matter. We specialize in certified document translations of technical, legal, medical and marketing documents.


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Known for our quality, affordability, confidentiality and speed, Translators USA provides interpreting, transcription, localization, proofreading, and audio-visual services to companies and individuals around the world. We are an A+ BBB-accredited business and we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction by combining qualified staff and advanced technology.

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With over 9,000 linguists skilled in more than 150 languages, Translators USA provides accurate certified document translation services to international corporations, government agencies and municipalities, small businesses, technical organizations, advertising agencies, and individuals.

Corporate Translation

We can translate any corporate document you need. Our corporate translation services include: translation of contracts, operating agreements, certificate of incorporation, income tax forms, office accreditation documents, and much more!

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Certified Translation

Our company was founded by a naturalized American citizen, and we’re proud to serve those on the path to American Citizenship. Your translation will be certified and notarized, and accompanied by the required apostilles, if necessary.

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Engineering & Technical

Once we understand your project, we’ll provide specialized linguists with the technical training and experience needed to do the job right. From engineering documents to software development, we have a comprehensive team of…

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Legal Translation Services

Our highly qualified team ensures even your most highly complex legal information and government regulations from around the world are translated accurately. We have a team of 9,000 highly qualified and certified linguists who can…

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Medical Translation Services

We translate pharmaceutical and medical documents accurately and effectively knowing lives depend on it. Our medical translators are doctors, nurses and life sciences professionals who are well versed in medical subjects.

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Website Translation Services

With marketing campaigns and websites, it’s particularly important to communicate fluidly with your audience. No one will buy from you if they can’t understand you. Your audience may not trust you as much if they see you as an…

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Proofreading & Editing

Do you need a company report that must be perfect in more than one language? Perhaps you’ve recently gone through the translation process and have questions about the quality of the writing and integrity of the translation.

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Apostille Services

If you need a professional to handle your apostille smoothly and easily, contact us to get a free quote. Just submit a few details about your document. We’ll respond to you within the same business day, and we’ll provide you with a free…

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Translators USA has served the translation needs of the world’s leading brands in technology, software, aerospace, retail, architecture, network marketing, event planning and many non-profit organizations.

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