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Slide How are we different? You’ve invested heavily in orchestrating your corporate event; your speakers have ‘something to talk about.’ We can help you capture and relay the message, tone and presentation. It’s not magic. But we make the process flow so easily that it may seem that way. DEDICATED We are dedicated to ensuring we deliver crisp and clear Interpretation experience. INNOVATIVE We implement latest state of the art technologies to deliver excellent results. CLIENT CARE Our clients love us because we deliver an unforgettable experience.

Slide Industry Specific Professionals Our translators aren’t just master linguists, they’re specialized experts We get it. You have an urgent need for a linguist to convey the message to your audience, but the individual must have superior knowledge of your business sector. When the stakes are this high, you need experts. With 9,000 vetted linguistics, TranslatorsUSA has the resources to match the right one with the right client.

Slide Smart Solutions for Smart Devices Broadcasting over Wi-Fi to smartphones helps you put an end to common listener frustrations at events We offer your multi-lingual guests wifi-based audio broadcasting. Guests download a free app, enabling them to listen via their own earbuds. No hassle. No stress. No static. With the language barrier removed, everyone can stay tuned in – at a comfortable volume. Discover more

Microphones and top tier sound systems are vital for amplifying your message. At live events, guests won’t have the luxury of rewinding the audio. Let us show you how our state-of-the-art interpretation technology will ensure that your message isn’t lost in translation. GET A FREE QUOTE

Slide Real-time Seamless Interpreting Eliminate the Noise Conferences are prime times to engage the audience. In our borderless world, not everyone in the same place speaks the same language. You have the presentation skills. We have the translation and interpretation skills. Let us help you improve your conference quality. Give your audience what they deserve – a distinct, easy-to-understand interpreter who can keep pace with the speaker. Our translators understand how culture and regional vernaculars impact communication. They can disseminate the information seamlessly, without missing a beat. Our Pricing is Right on the Money TranslatorsUSA is enjoying a solid lead over the competition. As early pioneers in this market, we have the wind at our back. We have unraveled the mystery of cost-containment and are able to pass these savings, along with our expertise, to you.

Slide Our Recent Events We cover hundreds of conferences, meetings and forums every year.

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Slide Our clientele is made up of all sorts of brands. Big ones, small ones, famous ones, and some you won't have heard of - yet.

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