certified document translation servicesCertified Document Translation Services

With a database of 9,000 linguists covering more than 150 languages, Translators USA provides highly accurate certified document translation services for American corporations, government agencies and departments, small businesses, technical organizations, advertising agencies, and individuals. We specialize in certified document translations of technical, legal, medical and marketing documents, and we readily work with the following digital file formats: CD, MP3, WAV and MP4.

Unlike most document translation services and translators who outsource their work overseas, all of our English certified document transcriptions are done in the U.S. We only work with certified and highly qualified translators—skilled linguists who are also well versed in their project’s subject matter.

Our Document Translation Services

Choose from our extensive menu of translation services:

  • Certified Document Translations +

    Our certified document translations are prepared in accordance with 8 CFR 103.2 (b) (3), the US government regulation on preparing translations for official use. Common documents requiring certified translation include: diplomas, immigration papers, birth certificates, academic transcripts, marriage certificates, and death certificates.

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  • Corporate Translations +

    Fast, accurate and affordable, our elite corporate documents translation services include:

    • •  Office accreditations
    • •  Company registrations
    • •  Certificate of incorporation
    • •  Certificates of foundation
    • •  Operating agreements
    • •  Appointment letters
    • •  Incumbency certificates
    • •  Tax forms
    • •  Bank letters
    • •  Judgments
    • •  Contracts
    • •  Resolutions
    • •  Import certificates
    • •  Certificates of authority
    • •  ISO certificates
    • •  Certificates for foreign government 
    • •  And other administrative documents

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  • Technical Translations +

    Any translator working on your documents will be an expert in the required technical field. Additionally, to ensure error-free work, we use two translators: one to perform the initial translation, and the second to review and edit the translation for completeness, accuracy, and appropriateness.

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  • Legal Translations +

    The expertise of our translators is not limited to language proficiency; they also understand: 

    • •   International law
    • •  Contract law
    • •  Criminal law
    • •  Corporations law
    • •  Commercial law
    • •  Foreign law
    • •  Tax law
    • •  Immigration law
    • •  Property law
    • •  Insurance law
    • •  Other government regulations around the globe 

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  • Medical Translations +

    We provide pharmaceutical and medical document translations for:

    • •  Patient medical records
    • •  Hospital discharge summaries
    • •  Clinical study reports
    • •  Patent applications and product specifications
    • •  Medical insurance claims
    • •  And more 

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  • Website Translations +

    We offer website localization and translation to allow your online content to be viewed and understood around the world. Count on Translators USA to make your website content more reader friendly and culturally suitable to diverse target audiences, especially important as you look to foster trust and grow market share with growing minority populations throughout the United States.

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  • Translations for Apostille Certification +

    To have the official documents from one nation observed by another, some countries require Apostille Certification. Translators USA simplifies the entire process of obtaining these certificates.

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