Woman has access to the broadcast she needs to hear at a multi-language conference with WiFi-based broadcasting.

Give your audience the ability to listen comfortably on

their phone

Broadcasting over Wi-Fi to smartphones helps you put an end to common listener frustrations at events. Whether you need simultaneous interpreting for many languages, or you have an arena-sized event with less-than desirable acoustics, your audience will enjoy listening comfortably on their own mobile device – in the language of their choice. No additional equipment needed. All your audience members have to do is download a free app (available for both Android and Apple iOS smartphones). They can even use their own headphones.

Here’s how Wi-Fi interpreting works…

1) We set up a hotspot to broadcast the Wi-Fi signal at your event.

2) Visitors download and install a free app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

3) On the app, visitors select a channel and listen in the language of their choice.

Simultaneous interpreting for up to 56 different languages

The Wi-Fi-to-phone app makes it possible for you to broadcast your event in up to 56 different languages. Maybe you’re a cruise ship director who needs to make important arrival and departure announcements in dozens of languages. Or you’re planning a meeting for a diverse audience of languages in a large venue, such as a sporting arena. We can even help sports bar venues with multiple TVs on at the same time. With multiple channels for each game, no one has to miss out on play by play. Translators USA has helped a wide array of businesses with Wi-Fi interpreting. Count on us to help ensure your audience gets the message. Start a quick quote.

  • International conventions
  • Company tours
  • Large conferences
  • Training sessions
  • New product rollouts

Make sure everyone can hear at large venues

Sometimes, language isn’t the biggest barrier to being understood. Let’s say you’re planning a multi-language conference at a large venue, and the acoustics aren’t the greatest. How can you be sure everyone will be able to hear what’s being said? By broadcasting your message via Wi-Fi, your audience can listen comfortably on their own smartphones – and never miss a word. Best of all, there’s no limit to the number of listeners who can be on your channels.

Our Wi-Fi solution features:

  • Up to 56 channels
  • Capacity for unlimited listeners at one time
  • Wi-Fi signal covering an unlimited radius
  • MP3-quality sound
  • Audio signal sync with minimal latency

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