Woman has access to the broadcast she needs to hear at a multi-language conference with WiFi-based broadcasting.WiFi to Phone App Conference Interpreting for Multi Language Events

A new product offering from Translators USA gives individuals control over their audio surroundings

You're at a multi-language conference where your account representatives have gathered from across the nation. The acoustics aren't the best... but everyone wants to hear what's being said. Or maybe you're staging a massive showcase in a major arena. How can you be sure everyone can hear just what they need to hear?

Or perhaps you manage a sports bar … lots of games on lots of TVs. To keep one game from disturbing people interested in another contest (or those trying to carry on a conversation) all the games are muted. People interested in hearing the play-by-play may complain, but what can you do?

Finally, suppose you’re the director of a cruise line. Over your ships’ loudspeakers, important messages regarding ship safety as well as arrival and departure information are played. However, your passengers are from all over the world; how can you let share this important information with them in their native languages?

The solution is these instances—and many, many similar situations—comes in the form of an exciting new Wi-Fi hotspot system available from Translators USA. Our newest offering is your secret weapon to give your audience the audio (and access!) they need. 

Technology That Ends Listener Frustration

Depending upon the size of the system, the hotspot device allows the input of electronic audio from up to 56 sources (TVs, pre-recorded messages, microphones … etc.) The analog signals are then digitized for broadcast over Wi-Fi. Upon entering a venue equipped with the hotspot system, visitors with smartphones can download and install a free app from the Google Play Store. Using that app, visitors select the channel carrying audio from the particular TV they want to hear.  They can then listen to their chosen TV’s audio on their smartphone’s earbuds. (Where translation is the goal, the Wi-Fi signal could be configured to carry as many as 56 different language versions of a particular message.)

The hotspot hearing solution available from Translators USA features:

  • Systems configurable for 4 to 56 channels
  • Capacity to accommodate up to UNLIMITED listeners at one time
  • Wi-Fi signal covering an UNLIMITED radius
  • MP3-quality sound
  • Negligible signal latency (what you hear is synced with what you see!)
  • Low drainage demand on smartphone batteries

Best of all, customers at your establishment enjoy hearing the games, music, news … etc. that they want to hear, without disturbing anyone else!

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