Two interpreters are conducting simultaneous interpretationConference Interpreting and Translation

Communicate with foreign business associates or potential clients in the language they understand! Translators USA offers excellent Conference Interpretation Services for business meetings and conferences, legal hearings, voice or tele-conferencing and press conferences … as well as many other business activities. So why choose Translators USA? 


Our highly experienced and qualified team of certified Interpreters provides simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in over 150 languages including: Spanish, French, German, English, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Italian and Arabic.


You can count on our conference interpreters to ensure smooth fluidity in communication—translating the spirit of the meeting as well as the words.


Our conference interpreters have great experience in such fields as Legal, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Technical, Commercial, Multi-Level Marketing, Media, Academic, Engineering, Finance and Politics. And not only do our translators have excellent linguistic skills, they also have a thorough knowledge of International Business Management.

Interpretation Equipment

We provide state-of-the-art interpretation equipment for simultaneous interpretation so our team can deliver crystal-clear messages that thoroughly support conferencing in larger group settings.

Meeting/Conference Support

Our team will help you plan, coordinate and execute successful international conferences, meetings and conventions. 

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Conference interpretation that’s guaranteed to meet your needs: Let Translators USA help you improve your international image and increase your global business network.