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A One-Stop-Shop for Consecutive Interpretation

If you have ever seen a news report where a head-of-state is addressing a foreign audience, and you hear a second voice repeating a translated version of what’s being said, then you’ve witnessed an example of “consecutive interpretation.” It’s a skill that requires exact recall as well as language fluency—abilities you’ll readily find among Translator USA interpreters.

Simultaneous Interpretation: Expertise + Equipment = Success

If you need simultaneous interpretation at your next event, turn to Translators USA. Using full-size or table-top translating booths, our highly skilled interpreters can help you remove language barriers while allowing you to keep to tighter schedules (There’s no time delay with simultaneous translation!). As each speaker speaks, the interpreter will interpret into a mic that transmits the interpretation to audio receivers. Your foreign-language speakers can listen comfortably in real time through headphones. And of course, we can support you with a technician to set up the equipment needed to make simultaneous interpretation possible!

Touring Packages for Foreign Guests

If you’re hosting colleagues, associates, buyers, sellers, or other business contacts at your office, factory, plant or other American facility, you’ll likely want to give your guests a tour. With Touring Packages by Translators USA, now you can provide simultaneous interpretation on the go! Translators USA will provide a highly qualified interpreter along with the audio transmitter and headphone receivers you need to allow your guests to comfortably follow along with the tour. Touring packages do not require technician support.

Why Translators USA for your next conference, meeting or tour?

All our translators must exhibit superior professionalism and accuracy in their work, but we also expect them to continually hone their craft. Our consecutive interpreters receive regular training to stay abreast of the latest developments in jargon-laden environments such as law, medicine, and technology. As a result, they become adept at translating one country’s industrial jargon into easily-comprehended language for foreign listeners.  It’s one way we make sure that hearing equals understanding.

At Translators USA, we understand that interpretation is more than changing the words of one language into the words of another. Emphasis must also be placed on cultural differences, dialects and sentence structures. And this all needs to be done in real time. To meet the challenge, we have a database of 9,000 interpreters and translation specialists across the United States, speaking 150 different languages and dialects. With access to so many people in so many locations, we can provide translation specialists at short notice for almost any environment or location. 



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Rely on Translators USA to make sure your speakers will be understood precisely as intended. From multi-language meetings to smaller round tables to focus groups to tours, Translators USA can ensure that everyone's unique point can be properly appreciated.