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Translators USA, Inc. has a lot of experience when it comes to translating technical documents. It is very important that the terminology is translated correctly. You can only imagine what would happen if a document was translated incorrectly. Taken to the extreme, a bad technical document translation could cause injury or worse. A misinterpretation in a translated manual could cause an Engineer to connect wires or pipes incorrectly.

Proven Expertise

It`s absolutely necessary that technical translators working on your project have many years of proven expertise in your field. We make sure that the translators assigned to your project have exactly that. When choosing a provider for technical translation services, expertise must always score over pricing. Although English is the most widely spoken language in the world (taking native and non-native speakers together), the number of languages spoken around the world is estimated at more than 4,000. The rapid expansion of the Internet to even the most remotely located regions has triggered a phenomenal interest in technical know-how, even in places where the residents are not fully familiar with the English language. Local language software and user manuals have proliferated in a way that everyone has access to technology, overcoming the barriers of language.

Any Language

Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese are possibly the most in-demand languages that call for technical translation services. Given the peculiarity of sentence or phrase construction in different languages, it often happens that translators end up with providing literal translations of text, which may convey an entirely different meaning in the target language. Words and phrases thus accepted in the new language are called calques. Some interesting Examples are:

  • Paradis fiscal (French) for Tax haven
  • Suprageleider (Dutch) for superconductor
  • Tappajasovellus (Finnish) for `killer application` The literal translation of the word tappajasovellus is `an application that kills'.

The Correct Terminology

Interestingly enough, the usage of certain words may differ between the American, British and Irish people, although English is the language common to all. A freight car (American) is referred to as a wagon by the British, and a rail car (British) is referred to as a Diesel Multiple Unit or DMU by the Irish! Another interesting aspect of technical translation is that different terminology is used in different fields of application. For instance, `current collector` is a term in electrical engineering, but when the same is used in railway parlance, it is called `pantograph.` Providing effective translation services of technical materials calls for special skills and expertise. While it is true that many a time, with the continued usage of words and phrases borrowed from other languages by literal (word-for-word or verbum proverbo) translation, these phrases have gained acceptance over time in the target language, it is generally not appropriate to resort to this practice.

Rigorous Quality Control Process

Making sense of these variations in usage across languages and across industries/technical fields, calls for a heightened level of interest, skill, and application on the part of the translator. We use two translators to overcome these problems: one to perform the initial translation, and a second independent translator to review and edit the translation for completeness, accuracy and appropriateness. This conscientious approach helps substantially eliminate errors. Taking this refining process further, we also undertake "back translation", whereby a third translator translates it back into the original/source language, so any remaining errors may get ironed out. It may be well worth the expense you incur on getting a thorough professional agency to handle your technical translation services need. When it comes to rendering your operating or installation manuals, product literature or even a letter conveying the order specifications to your supplier, it is crucial to your business interests to select an effective agency that delivers on the promise, rather than be swayed by competitive pricing.

Experience You Can Trust

Every single technical translator working on your documents has been in this field for many years and all are experts of the highest degree. This is another thing one needs to keep in the front of their mind; expertise must always be chosen over better pricing, no matter what, when it comes to this type of translating. Having said this, you must also realize that although Translators USA is not known to be an expensive company, you must also remember that it is imperative to us that every single translator we enlist has the highest quality of standards when it comes to technical translation services. Some other companies may cost more, but not have the training and expertise, while other companies have the lower pricing and just as much expertise. This is another reason why it is so important for you to research translation service companies to match the relevance of what you are looking for.

Simply The Best

English is the most widely used language in the world and even when speaking or writing and translating English, there are many differences in some words where they are spelled exactly the same but used in completely different ways! This is just another reason why Translators USA uses some of the world's best translators in their technical translation services departments. With all the variations of uses of certain words and phrases in different languages all over the world, for the technical translation process to be effective, you need to be born with a certain skill and interest to effectively translate documents. We do everything that we know how to do to overcome each and every problem that may arise when translating these sensitive technical documents and writings. While our documents are being translated by the world's best in the field, we can literally just go about our day with the comforting knowledge that we have nothing to fear.

No Mistakes Allowed

At Translators USA, we accept only the very best work with the technical translation services departments. If any technical documents, even just one, were to be translated incorrectly, some horrible things could happen such as injury and even, in the worst case scenario, death. We take our job very seriously, as there are all different types of technical documents out there that need to be read over and over again and carefully translated, and then once again read over and over to ensure there are no mistakes. Because, it is crucial in this business that mistakes aren’t allowed.

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