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We accurately translate pharmaceutical and medical documents such as patient medical records, clinical study reports, patent applications, manuals, hospital discharge summaries, product specifications, prescriptions, insurance claims, etc.

Unique Pharmaceutical & Medical Documents Translation Services

Medicine is universal, but the technology to cure, medical equipment, medical concepts, books, medical terms, etc. is frequently changing. Therefore, to keep up with the changes and to improve your medical practice, you need to acquire up to date information from other medical professionals. These professionals may be from distant corners of the world and speak different languages. It is undeniable that you cannot get proficient in all the languages; thus, the need to effectively translate the pharmaceutical and medical documents in your local language becomes inevitable. Obtain your Pharmaceutical and Medical documents translation services from Translators USA, Inc.—a pioneer translation agency which provides affordable, reliable and professional high quality translation services for professions such as medical, engineering, technology, legal, marketing, personal, etc.

It's All Included

You need unique, innovative, reliable, confidential, cohesive and affordable language translations to achieve your desired goals of learning the important medical information that`s available in different languages. More and more multinationals, pharmaceutical companies, health care managers, clinical research centers, medical and surgical device manufacturers and medical professionals rely on our quality services for the highest value and critical documents translations. For providing translation services with zero defects, we have the best certified translators in the translation industry. Combining the skills of our quality language translators and meticulous proof reading abilities enables us to deliver clear, effective and accurate pharmaceutical and medical documents translation services. All our medical translators are well versed in medical subjects, current medical terminology, slang, appropriate medical terms and culture sensitive language in order to provide high quality medical translations which reflect the intended meaning, and exceed the strictest quality standards in medical terminology.

Your Advantage

We provide pharmaceutical and medical document translations for patient medical records and hospital discharge summaries, clinical study reports, patent applications and product specifications, and medical insurance claims. With the constant technological and medical updates, it is important to both doctors and patients to keep up-to-date records. We provide translations of both pharmaceutical and medical documents to keep your records as up to date as possible as you move across countries or send information overseas to various hospitals or medical practices.

Our Expertise

Our translation specialists work hard to provide high quality, affordable and reliable translations for professionals in medical engineering fields, legal practices regarding medicine or medical practice, and medical marketing firms as well as documentation translation for private patients. Our translators work diligently to combine their language and medical knowledge to produce accurate documents in over 150 languages. Translators are trained and certified to understand medical concepts and terms to provide contextual support for their translated documents. Translation services can be utilized for any paperwork or records that are used in multinational medical organizations, pharmaceutical companies, health care programs, clinical research centers, medical and surgical device manufacturers or engineers, and medical professionals that deal with multilingual patients.

It’s All Confidential

Our translators are familiar with key medical concepts, terminology and culturally sensitive language as they work to create reliable, confidential and cohesive translated medical documents for your personal files or for your medical practice. Translators USA confidently employs the best certified translators in the industry to complete translation services with complete accuracy and no defects. Our translators work diligently to combine their quality language skills, medical knowledge and meticulous editing to provide medical documentation that clients are readily able to use.


We are well aware of HIPAA laws and personal concerns over the private and sensitive nature of medical documents. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and a privacy policy that ensures the medical information we are privy to is never used for any purpose other than translation and transcription.

We provide the highest quality corporate documents translation services to facilitate your expansion into international markets!

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