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Professional, fast and cost-effective translation and interpretation service is what makes Translators USA language specialists in Miami stand out the most. All translations and interpretations, regardless if provided for our corporate clientèle or ordinary citizens, are entrusted only to the best language specialists in particular language pairs. In addition to being fully qualified, certified and accredited, all Translators USA linguistic experts also have the know-how required to handle the most challenging and time-limited projects without making any compromises when it comes to quality.

Miami, "The Capital of Latin America"

Miami is the second largest American city with the majority of residents speaking Spanish rather than English as a primary language which earned it the nickname of "The Capital of Latin America". In addition for its Spanish speaking majority, the city is also known for being a major center of commerce, trade, finance, arts, media and entertainment as well as the home of the world's largest cruise passenger port.

After the 1940s, Miami grew dramatically in both importance and population. Since the mid-20th century, its population almost doubled. Until the 1980s, the city's population grew due to internal migrations and immigration. Though immigration has slowed after the turn of the millennium, Miami's population continues to rise, mainly due to rapid urbanization and bustling economic activity.

The city of Miami is said to be a multicultural mosaic as many of its residents retained at least a part of their cultural identity, including language. As a result of Hispanic/Latino majority, Spanish is the predominant language in many parts of the city. According to the Census Bureau data, Hispanic/Latino Americans make up 70 percent of Miami's residents, followed by Black or African Americans (19 percent), non-Hispanic or Latino White Americans (nearly 12 percent) and Asian Americans (1 percent).

More than 77 percent of residents speak other than English as a primary language, with the vast majority speaking Spanish (70.5 percent). English is spoken as a primary language by 22 percent of the population. About 6 percent of residents speak other Indo-European and 0.5 percent Asian languages. More than 45 percent of residents whose primary language isn't English speak the language less than "very well".

Our Miami Staff Can Help You With Translation/Interpretation To or From Spanish and Over 150 Other Languages

No matter if you need corporate or personal document translation, Translators USA knowledgeable and experienced language specialists can help you with Spanish and over 150 other languages – Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Hindi and many others.

You can always turn to our Miami-based linguistic experts if you need: Corporate Document Translations, Technical Document Translation, Marketing and Media Translations, Legal Document Translation, Medical Document Translation or Website Translations.

Our translators will also be happy to help you with personal document translations: Immigration Documents Translation, Naturalization Papers Translation, Legal Contract Translation, Translation of Wills, Police Record Translation, School Transcripts Translation, Judgment Translation, Power of Attorney Translation, Academic Degree Translation, Diploma Translation, Drivers License Translation, Marriage Certificate Translation, Birth Certificate Translation, Divorce Certificate Translation, Adoption Papers Translation and Patents Translation.

Certificate Translation, Divorce Certificate Translation, Adoption Papers Translation and Patents Translation.

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