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Los Angeles Translators and Interpreters 

Los Angeles based Translators USA team of linguistic experts provides high quality yet affordable translation and interpreting services for all the most commonly spoken languages in the city. Our team of translators and interpreters consists exclusively from qualified, experienced and certified language specialists. All passed our rigorous tests and are continuously assessed for both quality of their translation/interpreting skills and quality of service provided to our Los Angeles clients who deserve nothing but the best.

Los Angeles – One of America's Most Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse Cities

Los Angeles, California's most populous city and the seat of Los Angeles County has a population of approximately 3.8 million. The city's residents are from all over the world and speak more than 200 different languages. Most of them of course also speak English which, however, is not the most commonly spoken language at home.

Hispanics/Latinos account for almost one half of the total Los Angeles' population and as a result, more residents speak Spanish rather than English as first language. English is according to the latest data spoken as first language by slightly more than 40 percent of Angelenos, while Spanish is estimated to be spoken by over 43 percent of residents. In total, languages spoken other than English account for nearly 60 percent, mainly due to the city's highly diverse ethnic makeup.

In addition to Spanish and English, many Angelenos also speak Asian languages as the city is home to large Asian ethnic groups, with Philippine (3 percent), Korean (nearly 3 percent) and Chinese (almost 2 percent) being the largest ones. Other Asian ethnic groups including Japanese don't exceed 1 percent. After Asian languages, it is also relatively common to hear Indo-European languages - especially the Middle Eastern such as Armenian and Iranian - on the streets of Los Angeles. But since the "City of Angels" is also one of the largest global centers of business, trade, technology, science, education and of course entertainment, it is possible to hear a diverse mix of languages on virtually every step.

Our Los Angeles Staff Can Help You With Translation/Interpretation To or From Over 150 Languages

No matter if you need corporate or personal document translation, Translators USA knowledgeable and experienced language specialists can help you with over 150 languages – Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Hindi and many others.

You can always turn to Los Angeles based Translators USA linguistic experts if you need: Corporate Document Translations, Technical Document Translation, Marketing and Media Translations, Legal Document Translation, Medical Document Translation or Website Translations.

Our translators will also be happy to help you with personal document translations: Immigration Documents Translation, Naturalization Papers Translation, Legal Contract Translation, Translation of Wills, Police Record Translation, School Transcripts Translation, Judgment Translation, Power of Attorney Translation, Academic Degree Translation, Diploma Translation, Drivers License Translation, Marriage Certificate Translation, Birth Certificate Translation, Divorce Certificate Translation, Adoption Papers Translation and Patents Translation.

If you need interpreters for Conferences, Business Meetings, Depositions or any other reason, don't hesitate to contact our Los Angeles office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (213) 401-2351.