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We understand that interpreting a deposition or translating legal documents is not a simple task. Any kind of omissionor even the slightest language gap can result in disastrous consequences for lawyers and law firms. Rely on our expertise knowing we’ve earned the Better Business Bureau’s highest A+ rating for customer satisfaction. As our client, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Although we’re not the cheapest, we provide the best combination of quality and value for the price. When you need it done right, call us. We stand by our services 100%.

Linguists for every law specialty

Our legal translators often hold law degrees, are skilled paralegals, or are otherwise highly qualified legal professionals. With more than 9,000 linguists to choose from, we’ll make sure you find precisely the legal expert you need. We can readily locate accredited interpreters across a wide range of law practices and language pairs. Count on our experts to provide you with the most accurate translation services – even for complex contracts and legal documents. We have linguists in all these legal practices, and many more.

  • Personal injury law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Construction law
  • Tax law
  • Criminal law
  • Environmental law
  • Immigration law

Consecutive interpreting for depositions & meetings

There are two main kinds of live interpreting: Simultaneous (interpreting at the same time someone is speaking) and consecutive (waiting for the person to finish talking before interpreting). For depositions and meetings between attorneys and their clients, consecutive interpreting is always used. If you need a legal interpreter, please speak with one of our expert project managers. We’re experienced in providing a wide range of interpreting and translation services for the legal profession. We’ll make sure you get the language expert you need. Get a quick quote for your translation online.

Legal contract translations:

  • Patent applications
  • Copyright & trademark documents
  • Court cases & transcripts
  • Judgments
  • Lease agreements
  • Certificate of incorporations & corporate charters
  • Licensing agreements

Professional interpreters in 150+ languages

We provide interpreting services to attorneys and law firms in more than 150 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi and Arabic, plus many more languages. Contact us now if you don’t see the language you need.

Legal translators, on call 7 days a week

Need a patent translated on a Saturday? Have an emergency client meeting on a Sunday? Translators USA has the expertise and experience to handle all your legal translation and interpreting needs – and we do it 24/7. Just send us a Quote Request


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