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Working with Freelance Translators – The Traps and Pitfalls

Even though a growing number of translators are offering their services online as freelancers, the demand for Translators USA professional translation services is greater than ever. We believe that there are two main reasons for our success. The first reason is our uncompromising commitment to quality on the one hand and affordability on the other, and the second reason is that working with freelance translators, despite having its advantages, has some major drawbacks.


Things to Consider Before Hiring a Freelance Translator

We don't want to undermine anyone's work and we strongly believe that the vast majority of freelance translators are providing a very good service at very low rates. Whether to give it a try with a freelancer is something everyone should decide for themselves but we feel that it is important to consider the factors below before making the final decision:

  • Competence/qualifications. When you hire a freelancer to translate your documents through one of many freelancer's websites, you never know whether the person is a trained professional who is competent to translate in the target language pair or a bilingual individual looking to make some extra money. Professional translation agencies, on the other hand, work only with the most trained, qualified and experienced translators who are competent to translate in their language pairs and the type of documents in question.
  • Quality control. Freelancers are on their own. In order to actually earn some money (they compete with translation agencies and other freelancers by keeping their rates extremely low), they aren't only translators but are also editors and proofreaders at the same time. Likewise, there is no one to evaluate the quality of their work. In contrast, all the leading translation agencies including Translators USA have independent editors and proofreaders as well as internal monitoring and evaluation of quality for each and every project.
  • Reliability. Since freelancing is typically a "temporary job", you can never know whether the translator who is available today will also be available tomorrow. In other words, a freelancer might be unavailable when you need them the most. And if you have an extremely short deadline, finding a new translator is everything but easy, especially for the most challenging projects requiring a specialized knowledge.
  • Turnaround. Considering that freelance translators are also editors and proofreaders, they need considerably more time to complete a translation and make sure that there are no errors. Also, when they accept urgent translations which are difficult to reject because they are paid better, all other projects are delayed. Translation agencies, on the other hand, work with hundreds or even thousands of translators (we have a worldwide database of over 9,000 translators) and as a result, the translation process begins almost immediately regardless of many projects have been accepted before.
  • Confidentiality/security. The vast majority of freelancers work from home on their computers which might or might not be adequately protected from third party access which means that sensitive information can end up in the wrong hands. In contrast, translation agencies including Translators USA continuously invest in advanced security systems to protect sensitive information both physically and electronically.
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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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