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When Your Transcription Includes “(Inaudible)”

Translators USA works with highly trained transcriptionists who have years of experience in transcribing conferences, interviews, reports and many other types of records/dictated material including those involving the use of specialized terminology such as legal and medical. We thus guarantee 100% accurate transcription and the fastest turnaround in the industry. But we also guarantee minimum number of “inaudibles”. Our transcriptionists do whatever is in their power to “decipher” hard-to-hear or hard-to-understand words. But unfortunately, they are sometimes forced to include “(inaudible)” in the final transcripts.

What Does “(Inaudible)” Mean?


“(Inaudible)” means that the transcriptionist wasn't able to hear or understand a particular word or phrase. This can happen due to poor quality of audio file or the speaker not speaking clearly or/and loudly enough for the transcriptionist to be able to “decipher” the word(s) even after repeated listening to the problematic section of the file. Though they are often able to make out from the context, they sometimes cannot be 100% sure. In this case, they don't want to take any chances as the consequences of an eventual error can be very serious for the client. Instead, they type “inaudible” in parentheses (sometimes in brackets) to indicate that they weren't able to hear or/and understand a particular word or section of the file. Usually, the time at which “inaudibles” occur is included as well.

Reducing the Number of “(Inaudible)” in the Transcript

Professional transcriptionists who are fully committed to their work hate to include “(inaudible)” in their transcriptions. But they are also aware of the damage they can cause to their client by guessing from the context. To ensure that the transcription is 100% accurate and to reduce the number of “(inaudible)” to the minimum, they listen to the problematic sections multiple times which is virtually everything they can do on this issue.

How many “inaudibles” there will be doesn't only depend on the transcriptionist and the effort they make to “decipher” hard-to-hear and hard-to-understand words. It also depends on the quality of the file and the speaker whose speech is being recorded. Talking extremely fast, holding hands before the mouth, mumbling or/and talking very quietly makes it very difficult for the transcriptionist to reduce the number of “inaudibles” no matter how many times they listen to the file. For that reason it is highly important to ensure the highest quality recording and for the speaker to dictate loud and clear.

“Good Old American Quality” at Unbeatable Rates

For Translators USA, quality is top priority. We work with professionals with years of experience in providing the highest quality transcription services in their particular areas of expertise. And we never outsource overseas. Translators USA clients can thus always count on the “Good Old American Quality”. But there is more! We guarantee the highest quality at the best rates in the industry! To make sure for yourself, email us you requirements and we will send you a non-obligatory quote within an hour after receiving your email.

For more information about our transcription services, please call 888-790-8872 or contact us through our website.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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