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Urgent Translations – Does Speed Affect Quality?

Translators USA is often contacted by businesses and individuals who need their documents translated in a very short period of time. We always strive to meet our clients' needs and translate their documents in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality. However, sometimes our clients have unrealistic expectations. Just because we guarantee fast turnaround, that doesn't necessarily mean that the documents can be translated within a couple of hours. Our language specialists are prepared to work overtime and if necessary, overnight if the translation is really urgent. But this is the exception rather than the rule for the following three reasons. 

  1. Speed does affect quality. It is possible to speed up the entire process and cut the time of translation by half but it isn't possible to ensure the same quality. A translator who is under severe time pressure is more likely to miss important details and make errors.
  2. Translation requires intense concentration which can be kept only for a limited amount of time. In order to deliver the highest quality translation, language specialists must be fully concentrated and focused to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation. When working overtime or overnight, concentration drops dramatically which in turn can lead to errors.
  3. Involving more translators can affect consistency. Many people erroneously think that the translation process can be speeded up by involving more translators. It may be a way to overcome a very short deadline but we avoid it because it can cause consistency issues. The thing is that every translator has their own style and uses a slightly different language. Having a translation done by multiple language specialists therefore isn't the best solution.

How Fast Are We?

We at Translators USA never pressure our language specialists to translate faster than normal because we are aware that this could seriously affect quality of their translations. But we are also aware that our clients expect their documents to be translated fast. In order to deliver quality translations as soon as possible, we work only with knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced language specialists who can complete the translations within the set time period without sacrificing quality.

We have a database of over 9,000 language specialists who can translate in over 150 languages. As a result, we can immediately find a translator for both the target language and subject. The translation process therefore starts as soon as we receive the documents for translation.

How soon our clients can expect to receive translated documents depends on the type of the documents and the number of pages. For urgent translations ('Next Day') up to 5 pages, we guarantee to deliver a draft of translated documents within 24 hours or sooner. When the client approves the translation, we have it immediately certified and notarized, and shipped to the client with the selected mode of shipping.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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