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Thoughts on Transcription – Return to the Basics

The transcription industry has changed a lot from the time Translators USA began offering transcription services almost two decades ago. The industry has seen the emergence of highly sophisticated computer programs that promise to eliminate the need for manual transcription but at the same time, more and more transcriptions are done overseas to overcome the shortage of trained transcriptionists on the one hand and keep the costs low on the other. Despite all the changes, however, the recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for US-based professional transcriptionists.

How Hard Can It Be to Convert the Spoken Word into a Text Form?


Transcription is basically only a conversion of the spoken word into a text form. This means that the transcriptionist simply listens to a recording which can either be audio or video file and type it down. Obviously, a question occurs why is there an increased demand for professional, US-based transcriptionists?

There are several reasons why more and more clients are looking for professional transcriptions that are done here in the United States. But the main reason is the growing awareness that fast yet accurate speech-to-text conversion requires a trained, knowledgeable and dedicated transcriptionist. Converting the spoken word into a text form may not be rocket science but without in-depth knowledge of the field/subject of transcription (and what often seems to be the case with transcriptionists overseas - without solid knowledge of the language), it is extremely difficult to produce an accurate transcription and virtually impossible if it must be done fast.

Many fields and subjects, especially legal, medical and technical involve the use of specialized terminology and jargons that are unfamiliar to the vast majority of people including native speakers who don't have a thorough knowledge of a particular field. Then, there are also dialects, regional or national accents, the speaker speaking extremely fast, etc. And when there is a short deadline (and it typically is), only professional transcriptionists know how to overcome the stress and pressure of time which is crucial to meet the deadline without sacrificing quality.

Speech Recognition Technology – Not as Great as It Sounds

Speech recognition technology (SRT), also referred to as voice recognition software is attracting a lot of attention, especially in the health care sector. Theoretically, it eliminates the need for a transcriptionist but there is a catch: it isn't error free. While dictating, the speaker must edit any errors before continuing to dictate or have the text checked for errors by a human editor. Also, SRT is unable to "recognize speech" if speaking fast, has a limited vocabulary, difficulties with dialects and regional/national accents, and some other issues. For now, SRT cannot substitute a professional transcriptionist.

Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective Transcriptions by US-Based Transcriptionists

Translators USA offers fast, accurate and cost-effective transcriptions that are done by US-based transcriptionists exclusively. So if you are looking for quality at a reasonable cost, Translators USA won't disappoint you. For additional information, please contact us through our website or by phone. You can reach us 7 days a week!

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Friday, 19 January 2018
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