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Planning Your Multilingual Event – Which Interpreting Equipment

For many years Translators USA has been helping clients break the language barrier at their multilingual events. In addition to providing interpreting services, we have also helped many clients overcome the challenges of organizing multilingual events including choosing the right interpreting equipment.

Interpreting Equipment Needed to Turn Your Multilingual Event into a Success


The selection of interpreting equipment above all depends on the chosen type of interpretation. For example, you don't need any special equipment if you decide for consecutive or whisper interpretation. However, several factors need to be considered in the selection of the most appropriate type of interpretation other than our clients' wishes. Which interpreting equipment you will need to turn your multilingual event into a success also depends on:

  • Number of Event Participants Requiring Interpretation

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation can be used to provide translation to any number of event participants. But while consecutive interpretation doesn't require any special equipment, simultaneous interpreting does – interpretation booths, transmitters, receivers, ear buds/headphones and a variety of other pieces. There is another option - whisper interpretation which doesn't require any interpreting equipment either. But unlike consecutive and simultaneous interpreters who can provide translation to any number of participants, one whisper interpreter can translate for at most two people.

  • Number of Languages Requiring Interpretation From and To

Will there be one presenter speaking in a foreign language for English-speaking audience? Or will there be multiple languages spoken? Is the audience multilingual? If so, how many different languages do they speak? Not only do these factors have a major influence on the most appropriate type of interpretation but on interpreting equipment too. For example, if you need the speech to be converted into multiple languages, you will need more sophisticated equipment.

  • The Venue Type, Size and Features

Is the event taking place indoors or outdoors? Are interpretation booths already installed? If there aren't any, is there room to have them installed? How large is the venue? Obviously, you will need more powerful equipment to cover a larger area. Then, some technologies such as IR are sensitive to sunlight and as a result, aren't appropriate for outdoor use. If there are no interpretation booths at the venue and no room (or time) to have them installed yourself, you might still be able to provide simultaneous interpretation but you will need different solutions.

Translators USA Will Help You With Both Interpreting and Interpreting Equipment

We at Translators USA have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you choose the best solution when it comes to both interpreting and interpreting equipment. If you think that you could need some help with either or both, you can always turn to us. We are available 365 days a year and we are always happy to help.

Planning Your Multilingual Event – The Venue
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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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