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Planning Your Multilingual Event – The Venue

Translators USA doesn't only provide interpreting services and interpreting equipment. We also offer assistance in planning multilingual events. Our goal is to help our clients turn their events into a success and make the best choice possible with respect to both their specific needs and budget.

Many things need to be taken into account when planning a multilingual event in order for it to achieve the desired outcome. And one of the things that should be considered as well is the venue.


Location of the Venue

Where to hold your multilingual event is of course up to you to decide. But besides making sure that it is up to your (and the participants') expectations and needs, it is also highly important to keep in mind that the location of the venue has a major influence on the recruitment of the interpreting team and the cost of interpreting services. For example, if you choose a more remote location, you may not be able to find locally-based interpreters for the target languages. In this case, you will need interpreters from elsewhere. This will increase the cost of their interpreting service because you will also be charged their travel expenses and daily subsistence allowance.

Interpreting Equipment

Whether or not there are in-built interpretation booths will have a major influence on the event planning as well as interpretation. Obviously, you will either need to rent or buy the necessary equipment if there isn't any. But you don't need to worry about which equipment, where, how, etc. That's what Translators USA is here for. We will help you choose the best solution possible.

Just because the interpreting equipment is already there, that doesn't necessarily mean it's all taken care of. You are highly recommended to have it inspected by a technician. Remember that booths with ventilation problems or/and equipment with poor sound quality can seriously affect the quality of interpreting services. Also, it is highly important for the booths to provide a view of the speaker, especially if their presentation includes videos, PowerPoint or other visual elements.

A Room for Interpreters

Interpreters don't spend all the time in interpretation booths. They may be sitting within the booths most of the time but they are also spending a lot of time preparing in a room, office or other private area. Also, it is important to keep in mind that interpreters should be provided with a break of at least 90 minutes if they will be working 6 hours or longer. Therefore, make sure that there is a room or private area at the venue for the interpreters.

Remember, You Can Always Turn to Translators USA

We understand that it isn't easy to plan a multilingual event, especially if you don't have prior experience. If you could use some help, remember that you can always turn to Translators USA. We will provide you advice and if necessary, interpreters and interpreting equipment too.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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