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Planning Your Multilingual Event – The Importance of Working With Your Interpreting Service Provider

Translators USA is here to provide interpreters, interpreting equipment and advice on organizing multilingual events. But in order to be able to provide the highest quality service, we need help from our clients. More specifically, we need them to provide us with information about:

  • Date of the event


Translators USA has a nationwide database of interpreters and we can provide interpreting services in most places at a short notice. However, it is never a good idea to wait for the last minute because there is always the possibility that the most qualified language specialists are already booked. Also, you may need non-local interpreters for some rarer language combinations who obviously can't get to the venue as fast as their locally-based colleagues.

  • Passive/active languages at your event

We need to know how many and which languages need to be interpreted into (active languages) and from (passive languages) in order to select a team of language specialists for the required language combinations. Generally, it is not a problem to add another language pair later but please note that last-minute changes can increase the cost.

  • Subject(s) of the even

To provide your multilingual audience with quality interpretation, you don't only need interpreters for the target languages but you also need interpreters with in-depth subject knowledge. It is highly important to be aware that interpreters don't have the time to correct errors. As a result, lack of subject knowledge can lead to a failure to provide accurate and meaningful translation to the listeners. To prevent this from happening, be sure to let us know about the subject(s) of your event.

  • Duration of the even

We must know the duration or at least an estimated duration of your event in order to be able to recruit enough interpreters. Though more interpreters translate into a higher cost, you are highly recommended to be honest for your own good. According to the industry standards, interpreters shouldn't work longer than 6 hours a day and must be provided a 90 minute break after the first three hours. That doesn't mean that they will walk out on you after those 6 hours but the quality of their interpreting may drop significantly. If your event will last longer, it is highly important to expand the team of language specialists in order for them to be able to maintain the highest quality service from the beginning to the end.

  • Interpreting equipment

In order for our interpreters to provide quality translation to the listeners, it is crucial for them to be provided with the highest quality interpreting equipment. Which equipment you will need depends on several factors. Together, we will find the best solution for your specific needs and situation.

Get Everything on One Place!

Translators USA offers everything from interpreters to interpreting equipment and consulting on everything related to planning and organizing multilingual events. So instead of working with one company for this, the other for that and so on, you can get everything on one place. With nearly 20 years of experience in providing interpreting services, nationwide database of knowledgeable and skilled language specialists, and the most advanced interpreting equipment, we can handle both small and large events professionally and diligently, and cost-effectively too!

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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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