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In-Depth Subject Knowledge Equally Important as Language Proficiency

We at Translators USA are very proud to be able to provide translation services in over 150 languages. But we are also very proud to be able to provide translations in a wide range of subjects and industries. Our language specialists are qualified, trained and certified professionals who have the knowledge, skills and expertise to translate in their language pairs but they also have in-depth subject knowledge which plays the key role in quality translation as well.


Mastering the Language Isn't Enough to Provide the Highest Quality Translation

Obviously, a translator must be proficient in the languages of translation. However, a language specialist who doesn't have a thorough knowledge of the subject of translation won't be able to provide the highest quality translation, no matter how experienced, skilled and professional. On the contrary, their translation may contain serious errors which in turn pose a risk of misunderstandings, loss of reputation or even lawsuits.

Many subjects and industries involve a highly specialized language/terminology which is unfamiliar even to native speakers who are not associated with the field in one way or another. Therefore, a translator who is not familiar with a particular subject or industry will not know how to translate particular terms in a way for them to be both accurate and relevant. For that reason it is of utmost importance for the translator to master both the language and subject of translation.

The Connection Between Subject Knowledge and Speed of Translation

Another reason why we at Translators USA always assign our clients' documents to translators who know both the language and subject is to ensure the fastest turnaround possible without sacrificing the quality. We understand that our clients are looking for both the highest quality translation and on-time delivery which is possible only if the translator or team of translators working on the project have in-depth subject knowledge.

Even the most knowledgeable language specialists have to check their translations for accuracy using dictionaries, lexicons and other linguistic tools. However, they will complete the translation much, much faster than their colleagues who have little or no knowledge of the subject of translation. Firstly, they know exactly what they are looking for and secondly, they know exactly where to look for information to ensure 100% accuracy.

Need Quality Translation Fast? Translators USA Guarantees to Deliver Both

Having a database of over 9,000 translators with both language proficiency and specialized knowledge in all fields and industries, we guarantee the fastest turnaround in the industry but we also guarantee the highest quality translation. No matter if you need your documents translated to or from German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or any other of major world languages and no matter if you need a translation of personal, business, corporate, legal, medical, marketing or documents from any other subject or industry, we are confident that we can meet all your needs.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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