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We at Translators USA work very closely with our clients for two reasons. The first reason is because every client is a unique person with unique needs, and the second reason is to make sure that our translators have all the information needed to produce the highest quality translation. For us, communication is an integral part of translation.


The Importance of Communication for Quality Translation  

Communication between the translator(s) and their client isn't just about ensuring accuracy. It might be the most important aspect of translation, however, just because the translation is accurate that doesn't necessarily mean it meets the highest quality standards. This is because one and the same thing can be translated in many different ways and be 100% accurate at the same time. But while being accurate from a technical point of view, the translation may not convey the intended message or/and the message may not be conveyed in appropriate language/style.  

As hard to believe as it may sound, the majority of translation errors don't occur due to translators not being adequately proficient, knowledgeable or dedicated to quality. They are most often caused by lack of communication between the translator(s) and their client. Listed below are three examples of how lack of communication can directly affect the quality of translation:

  • Target audience/culture. The original text might or might not reveal the target audience/culture. An experienced translator who is fully committed to their work will do a thorough research but in the end, they are basically guessing. And if being wrong, their translation won't appeal to the target audience/culture. Furthermore, it may appear unprofessional or even offensive. Therefore, it is of key importance for translator(s) to know the target audience/culture of their translation.
  • Context. Many terms and expressions can have several different meanings, depending on the context in which they are used. Obviously, the translator cannot know which version to use if they don't know the context. And if not being provided with information or resources needed to be able to figure out the context, failure to convey the right meaning cannot be considered the translator's fault.
  • Message the text is supposed to convey. Some texts such as those intended for marketing are supposed to convey a special message or/and encourage the readers to action, for example buy a product, sign up for a free trial, etc. This requires the use of a language that captures the readers' attention, keeps them interested and ideally, provokes the desired response. To achieve this, the translator also needs information such as the company's philosophy, mission, goals, target audience, marketing medium, etc.
  • We Promise to Listen and Deliver the Highest Quality Translation

We at Translators USA always take time to listen to our clients which in combination with our experience, expertise and commitment to quality enables us to tailor our services to meet our clients' specific needs. But we also understand concerns about privacy and confidentiality which in turn may make some clients feel uneasy when asked to provide additional information. All Translators USA clients, however, can be reassured that their information is safe with us. We have a very strict confidentiality policy and the most advanced security systems which are being upgraded on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of both electronic and physical security of our clients' information.

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