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Accuracy Doesn't Equal Quality

For Translators USA, accuracy of translated documents is not enough. This is because accuracy doesn't equal quality. As hard to believe as it might sound but a translation can be 100% accurate but of poor quality at the same time. Here is why:


  • Translation is literal

Have you ever used online translation tools? Literal or word-by-word translation is more or less the same mess. It isn't exactly as bad as machine translation but it simply doesn't sound right even though it may be 100% accurate from a technical point of view.

  • Translation doesn't appeal to the target audience

Appealing to the target audience isn't just about using appropriate style, for example avoiding colloquial expressions if the documents are to be submitted to a government agency or be used for business purposes. It is also about choosing the right words and terminology for a particular field or industry. Again, the translation might be accurate but it can sound unprofessional or even offensive if it doesn't consider the target audience.

  • Translation doesn't consider language variances

One and the same language can vary greatly from one country to another and sometimes even from region to region. Speakers of the same language more or less use the same vocabulary, however, there are also some notable differences. In addition, one and the same word or expression can have different meanings. As a result, a translation that doesn't consider language variances can lead to misunderstandings even if it is 100% accurate.

  • Translation fails to convey the original message

To convey the original message, translators have to find the right words. Usually, it is possible to say one and the same thing in different ways and retain the same meaning. Sometimes, however, a single word can change the meaning all together. Needless to say, a translation that fails to convey the original message can hardly be considered quality.

  • Translation doesn't use up-to-date language

Language changes all the time. And while new words are introduced virtually on a daily basis, many over time come out of use, become obsolete or change their meaning. Translation that contains such words won't sound right even it is accurate.

Highest Quality Translation Guaranteed. In Over 150 Languages and All Fields and Industries!

To make sure that Translators USA clients don't only get accurate but quality translations too, we work only with the most proficient, diligent and experienced language specialists who can translate in over 150 languages and all fields and industries. To ensure the highest quality services, all translated documents are also carefully edited in order to make sure that they are culturally appropriate, appeal to the target audience, convey the original message, and use up-to-date language. When editing is completed, the text is meticulously proofread for errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation. But there is more.

Translators USA doesn't only offer the highest quality translation services but highly affordable rates too. The most affordable in the industry! So if you are looking for quality at fair rates, be sure to contact us either through our website or over the phone. You can reach us 7 days a week.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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