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About Liaison Interpreting and How It Works

Eager to accommodate each and every client's needs perfectly, Translators USA interpreting services are custom tailored according to individual clients' wishes, preferences and requirements. To help our clients break the language barrier at their conferences, business meetings and other bi- or multilingual events, we offer different types of interpreting services including simultaneous, consecutive, whisper and phone interpreting. If and when necessary, we also provide liaison interpreting, enabling our clients to establish an effective two-way communication with their international business clients, partners, employees, etc.


What is Liaison Interpreting?

Liaison interpreting is a type of interpreting which helps establish communication between two or multiple people who speak different languages. The interpreter translates what is being said by the speaker but they also translate the response. This means that liaison interpreter must be proficient in at least two languages to provide a link between two or multiple speakers who don't share a common language. Liaison interpreting is usually provided consecutively or simultaneously (usually in the form of whisper interpreting), or both.

Liaison interpreting is sometimes also referred to as bilateral interpreting but it is important to mention that this term is misleading because there may be more than two people and more than two languages. But for practical reasons, it is typically used to break the language barrier when only two languages and a small number of speakers are involved.

A Comparison to Other Types of Interpreting

In comparison to other types of interpreting, liaison interpreting tends to be less formal. It also doesn't require any interpreting equipment or much preparation. However, it is highly recommended to provide the interpreter with as much background material/information as possible. The more the interpreter knows about the subject of the event and its participants, the better service they will provide. Also, in order to establish an effective communication, it is crucial for the interpreter not only to break the language barrier between the parties but to help them overcome cultural differences as well. In addition to providing the interpreter with background information/material, it is also advisable to have a meeting before the event.

Expertise, Experience and Professionalism You Can Always Rely On!

Translators USA interpreting services are provided by highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced interpreters who can work in over 150 languages and all subjects and industries. Available nationwide and 365 days a year, our language specialists will help you overcome both language and cultural differences and establish an effective communication with your foreign business partners and clients at the most competitive rates in the country.

We offer simultaneous, consecutive, whisper and phone interpreting for both small business meetings and large international conferences, conventions, seminars, ... With a nationwide database of over 1,600 interpreters, we can help you break the language barrier at your bi- or multilingual event on a short notice. To hire our interpreters and for more information, please call 888-790-8872 or contact us through our website. We are available 7 days a week!

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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