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Translation Tools and Equipment

We at Translators USA are very proud to work with language specialists who have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide the highest quality translation in all fields and subjects, and in over 150 languages. In addition to their knowledge and experience, however, our translators also rely heavily on various translation tools and equipment that make their work easier and most importantly, help them further improve quality of their service.

What Tools and Equipment Do Translators Use?


All translators are well equipped with dictionaries, lexicons and materials related to the subject(s) in which they are specialized. But they are also increasingly using various computer programs such as CAT (computer aided translation) which provides suggestions on translation. It is important to mention, however, that computer programs used by professional translators are very different from machine translation programs that can be found on the Internet. While online translation software only translates words, solutions such as CAT typically feature a set of complex tools such as translation memory that stores translated texts into a database and allows the translator to retrieve them when translating similar texts. Other common features include grammar checkers, spell checkers, terminology databases and electronic dictionaries, to mention only a few.  

How Much Work is Actually Done by Translators?

The emergence of highly sophisticated computer programs such as CAT has had a huge impact on the translation process not only in terms of quality but speed as well. With everything in one place, translators spend a lot less time searching the dictionaries and other traditional aids, allowing them to increase productivity without sacrificing quality. However, it is also important to mention that even the most sophisticated tools and equipment are just an aid and cannot replace a knowledgeable and experienced translator. Insinuations that most translations are done by computer programs rather than human translators are therefore false. What is more, they are offensive for language specialists who have spent many years to learn and refine their translating skills and continue to invest a lot of time in continuous professional development in order to provide the highest quality service to their clients.

Highest Quality Translations 7 Days a Week

We at Translators USA don't interfere with our translators' choice of tools and equipment they use as an aid in their work. Every language specialist has their own "system" and we believe that they know best what works for them and what doesn't. We do provide support to our language specialists in the form of advice and guidance because we want them to enjoy their work as much as possible and of course, always provide the highest quality service to our clients.

We guarantee that all translations done by our translators meet the highest quality standards and that all translations are done by the most competent, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced language specialists in a particular field or industry. We have a database of over 9,000 translators with in-depth knowledge in all subjects and industries as well as regional vernaculars and culture, enabling us to provide the highest quality translations regardless of the subject of translation, country of document origin and the target country/culture.

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