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Translation over the FM BAND 88.1 – 108.1

Always pushing for more and better, we have decided to connect ourselves with premium quality interpreting equipment brands with an aim to provide our clients both the highest quality interpreting services and the highest quality equipment. Now, we have decided to further upgrade our services by offering translation over the FM band 88.1-108.1 MHz which we believe will make things a lot easier for everyone involved.


The main beauty of simultaneous interpretation is that all participants of the event can enjoy real time translation in their native or preferred language. And thanks to the advancements in simultaneous interpreting equipment, real time translation can be provided in just about any setting for any number of participants and in almost any number of languages.

Interpreter(s) sitting in interpretation booths listen to a real time speech and with a delay of a few seconds convey translation to participants requiring one via a transmitter. The latter sends the interpreter's voice to special radios which are with the listeners requiring translation. To make the process of transmission of the interpreter's voice to the event participants requiring interpretation easier and more convenient, we have decided to expand our simultaneous interpreting services to include translation over the FM band 88.1-108.1 MHz.


Translators USA is currently one of a very few interpreting service providers to offer translation over the FM band 88.1-108.1 MHz. Normally, FM-based interpreting transmission requires special radios because the translation is being broadcast under the FM band 88.1 MHz. With translation being broadcast over the FM band 88.1 – 108.1 MHz, however, there is no longer the need for special radios because the event participants can pick up the signal from their own regular portable radios featuring FM. They simply look for the channel on which the interpretation in their preferred language is being broadcast.


There are many interpreting service providers and interpreting equipment vendors but there aren't many that can rival Translators USA dedication to excellence. We don't only work with the greatest language specialists who can handle most events and settings requiring interpretation but we also offer our clients access to the latest and most advanced technology. And since recently, this also includes translation over the FM band 88.1-108.1 MHz which is currently available only at a handful companies in the United States. So if you are looking for professional service and top-of-the-line technology, you have just found them. At the most competitive rates in the industry!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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