With so many transcription service providers outsourcing overseas, a growing number of businesses is turning to Translators USA asking whether we outsource to India and the Philippines as well. And our answer is always the same: No, all English transcriptions are done here in the United States by American transcriptionists.

We are convinced that overseas transcriptionists are doing their best to deliver quality. But the majority of businesses that were attracted by extremely low rates of outsourced transcriptions don't have the best experience. On the contrary, they often have to have their audio or/and video files transcribed again and in the end, spend more than they would if they had their files transcribed by United States-based transcriptionists from the start.

Why Overseas Transcriptionists Fail to Deliver Quality?


Transcription seems very easy. The transcriptionist simply converts audio or video files into a text format. So why overseas transcriptionists fail to deliver quality? In our opinion, three factors are problematic:

Don't Take Any Chances, Leave It to Translators USA!

We at Translators USA never outsource English transcriptions overseas. We always strive to provide the best rates possible but never at the expense of quality. We are fully aware of quality issues of transcriptions that are outsourced to India and the Philippines, and therefore all English transcriptions are done here in the United States. Our transcriptionists know the slang, jargon and expressions used in the United States but they also have in-depth subject knowledge and years of experience in providing fast yet 100% accurate transcriptions.