Since the launch of the new Translators USA professional interpreting equipment store, we have been contacted by many people asking if the equipment is also available for rental. We are aware that high-tech interpreting equipment isn't inexpensive but we decided not to get involved into renting although we have many years of experience in providing interpreting services and although we know exactly what is needed to ensure the highest quality sound. However, we also know that ensuring the highest quality sound requires much more than just quality equipment. It often also requires knowledgeable and skilled technicians to have it installed and make sure that everything is working properly. But it often also requires a lot of planning in order for the equipment to be delivered and installed on time.


In order to continue to provide the highest quality interpreting services to our clients, we decided to remain focused on our core services. The new Translators USA store with professional interpreting equipment was launched with an aim to provide our clients with access to the highest quality equipment which, just like our services, is available at the most competitive prices possible.

To Buy or Rent?

Many businesses and organizations have a dilemma in deciding whether to buy or rent interpreting equipment. As mentioned earlier, we have been in the industry long enough to know that buying brand new, high-quality interpreting equipment is quite an investment. We therefore understand that businesses that are just starting and organizations holding only a few multilingual events per year aren't thrilled about purchasing not that inexpensive interpreting equipment.

To be honest, renting has its advantages. You don't have to pay the full cost, you always have access to the latest technology and you have a wide range of options, allowing you to choose equipment according to each event individually. Also, you don't have any expenses for repairs in case anything breaks down. However, over the years we have also seen many of the not-so-good sides of renting interpreting equipment.

We are not saying that you should buy rather than rent interpreting equipment. That is up to you to decide. But we think that it is very important to consider its disadvantages as well. And believe us, there are quite a few. Firstly, renting interpreting equipment will probably cost you more in the long term, especially if you'll be holding more and more international events. Then, there is also the hassle of finding the right rental provider that is reliable and can meet your specific needs, and above all, can deliver the equipment needed on time.

It gets easier when you find a company that has experience with events you want to host, the right equipment and professional staff making sure that everything is running smoothly. However, it is highly important to be aware that companies providing interpreting equipment rentals aren't too keen about replacing their equipment on a regular basis and instead, rent it out as long as possible. Needless to say, worn out equipment won't make the best impression of your business or organization.