We at Translators USA are very proud to be a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and work with ATA certified language specialists. Over 1,600 to be more precise. However, we are also aware that many of our clients don't understand what ATA certification means and why is it so important. For that reason, we have decided to take a closer look of ATA certification and its weight in the translation industry.

What is ATA Certification?


ATA certification is a certification program of the American Translators Association (ATA) which proves that the language specialist who holds this certification meets particular professional standards. It is awarded to language specialists who have passed the ATA examination. At the moment of writing, certification is available for translations into English from the following languages: German, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, French, Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Japanese. But it is also available for translations from English into the following languages: German, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Croatian, Chinese and Japanese.

Who Can Take the Exam for ATA Certification?

Translators who would like to take the exam for ATA certification must meet some conditions. First, they need to prove that they have education and training for the target language pair (and direction) as well as have some work experience. Likewise, they also must be members of the ATA but may apply for membership when registering for the examination. Lastly, they must sign that they have read and understand the ATA Code of Ethics and Professional Practice as well as take an oath to follow the Code.

After Passing the Examination

Language specialists who have passed the ATA examination (according to the ATA, the pass rate is under 20%) are awarded ATA certification which is valid as long as the translator is a member of the Association and meets the requirements of continuous education. ATA certified translators may use the designation CT (abbreviation for certified translator) after their name but must add the language pair and direction.

What Does ATA Certification Mean for Clients?

In contrary to most other countries, there is no state certification or licensing programs for translators in the United States. Issued by the largest professional translators association in the country, ATA certification is thus the best proof that the translator is competent to provide translation for a particular language pair and direction. As a result, it is also one of a very few certifications recognized by the U.S. government agencies, legal institutions and other public (and private) organizations.

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