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The Truth About Machine Translation Software

Translators USA clients can be sure that their documents aren't translated with machine translation software. It isn't that we don't trust the technology, on the contrary, we continuously upgrade our equipment with the latest high-tech to ensure the highest quality services and maximal security of our clients' documents. But when it comes to machine translation software, we categorically reject even to consider using it.

Why We Hate Machine Translation Software?


Although many people believe that machine translation software has made translation a lot easier, automated translation done by a computer is unacceptable in terms of even the most basic quality standards no matter how professional or sophisticated the software promises to be. It may be true that computer translation programs have progressed tremendously but they simply can't be programmed to understand the language. And that is what quality translation is about. Understanding the language, not words. Computer programs, on the other hand, can translate only words or in best case, simple phrases and sentences.

If you don't believe us, just try a few translation programs that can be found on the Internet (often for free). You will see that there isn't much difference from one to another – just a bunch of nonsense. Now imagine submitting such a translation to a government organization or sending it to your international business partners or clients.  

What About CAT and MAHT?

CAT (computer aided translation) and MAHT (machine assisted human translation) are used by many translation service providers. Both are much more sophisticated than the simple translation software packages that can be found on the Internet but both require a human translator. CAT works by providing suggestions for translation which are then reviewed by a translator, while MAHT is used to check the translation performed by a human translator.

Both CAT and MAHT promise to help increase the speed of translation and improve consistency which in turn is claimed to reduce the cost of translation services. However, neither CAT or MAHT can replace a knowledgeable translator. Even their manufacturers admit that high quality translation requires a language specialist.

We at Translators USA Rely on Our Knowledgeable and Experienced Language Specialists Who are Fully Committed to Their Work

Rather than on computer translation programs, we at Translators USA rely on our knowledgeable and experienced language specialists who are fully committed to their work. We are very proud to work with over 9,000 translators who aren't only qualified to translate all sorts of documents but also have a specialized knowledge across a wide range of fields and years of experience with translating. But even though we have full confidence in both subject and language expertise of our language professionals, each and every single translation is carefully reviewed for accuracy and checked for errors by a proofreader. Our clients can therefore always count on the highest quality translations regardless of the subject and complexity of the project.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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