Translators USA interpreters don't only help our clients break the language barrier. They also help establish communication and keep it flowing. This is because the interpreters' job isn't only to translate what is being said. Their job is also to facilitate communication between two or multiple parties who don't share a common language. But their job is also to:


The first and foremost duty of every interpreter is to translate everything that is being said without omitting, adding or altering anything. According to the Code of Ethics to which all interpreters must strictly adhere, they must interpret everything exactly as being said. Although the interpreters' responsibility is to facilitate communication and making sure that it doesn't break down as well, they must never alter or filter anything even if they know that it may negatively affect the flow of communication such as offensive language for example.

The interpreters' role in communication isn't to direct or lead it but to literally act as a bridge between two or multiple speakers and facilitate exchange of information, ideas and views by providing an accurate and through translation of what is being said.

Interpreters must never intervene in the discussion/conversation in the form of providing advice or expressing their opinion to either of the parties. The only exception are misunderstandings due to cultural differences. If the interpreter sees that communication may break down due to cultural differences, they may intervene by explaining the cause of misunderstanding to all the parties in a clear and understandable way. Also, interpreters may provide advice on cultural issues prior to the session in order to help their client avoid culture-related misunderstandings and facilitate inter-cultural communication in both verbal and nonverbal modes.

The Code of Ethics bounds interpreters to impartiality and neutrality which means that they mustn't say or do anything that would put any of the parties in advantage or disadvantage in any way. It isn't the interpreter's job to represent their client or direct communication in a way that is favorable for their client. As mentioned earlier, the interpreter's responsibility is to ensure that their client's message is being translated accurately and thoroughly, and render an accurate and thorough translation of the response from other party/parties involved in the discussion/conversation.

Translators USA Interpreters Know Their Responsibilities

Translators USA interpreters know their responsibilities when interpreting for our clients. All, without an exception, strictly follow the interpreters' Code of Ethics and always interpret everything that is being said, never intervene in communication and maintain neutrality and impartiality at all times. All our interpreters are highly trained and experienced professionals who can handle any kind of event and situation professionally, efficiently and discretely.

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