In order to provide the highest quality translations to both businesses and individuals alike, Translators USA selects language specialists with great care. And once a part of our team, they continue to be assessed for quality and performance so our clients can have the peace of mind that they will receive 100% accurately translated documents on time. How we choose our translators? The first criterion are of course qualifications, followed by training and experience. However, we also pay a lot of attention to other key qualities every translator should have to be able to provide fast and accurate translations:


A translator with formal education and accreditation from a professional translators' association is usually an expert in their language pairs. However, if not working as a professional translator for a longer period of time, a lot of the knowledge and skills acquired fade away. We therefore carefully review the candidates' employment history with a focus on their history of working as professional translators. But we also test all candidates for language proficiency. Only those who pass our rigorous tests are admitted to our team.

Language proficiency is not enough to ensure the highest quality translation. This is due to the fact that many fields and subjects involve a highly specialized language and expressions that are understood only by language specialists who are experts in a particular field. We at Translators USA therefore pay a great deal of attention to our translators' subject knowledge to make sure that all translations done by our language specialists meet the highest quality standards across all fields and industries.

It is highly important to be aware that language is not static. On the contrary, it continues to change on a regular basis. As a result, a language specialist living outside their native country for a longer period of time may no longer be familiar with the "modern" language. Their translations may be 100% accurate but they may not be culturally appropriate. Furthermore, they may sound awkward because they often include expressions that are no longer in use. To ensure both accurate and culturally appropriate translations, Translators USA database of translators includes language specialists from all over the world.

A small error or misspelling can cause a big problem. In order to ensure 100% accuracy of all translated documents, every translation is assessed for quality by our Senior Reviewers. But we also have an internal grading system (based on the previously mentioned assessment) which forces our translators to pay attention to every slightest detail, double-check their translations for accuracy, spelling and grammar, and make no compromises when it comes to quality no matter how soon the documents need to be translated.

Before being admitted to our team and entrusted our clients' documents for translation, we make sure that the translator understands the importance of absolute confidentiality. All our language specialists know exactly which measures to take to protect our clients' privacy and prevent information leak.