In order to deliver the highest quality service to our clients, Translators USA language specialists always make sure that they have all the necessary information. All translations are done by translators who are the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in the subject and language in question, however, sometimes the document itself isn't enough to produce the highest quality translation. In addition to being an accurate translation of the original and covey the exact same message, quality translation also must be adjusted to the target audience.

When Translators Need Additional Information About the Target Audience?

In most cases, our translators don't need any additional information about the target audience. For example, if the client needs a certified diploma translation, it means that it will be submitted to a government agency, educational institution or other formal entity. Therefore, the language and style must be formal. But sometimes, the target audience isn't as clear. And one of the best examples is material to be used in marketing.

A knowledgeable and experienced translator can often guess who is the target audience from the text or/and context. Obviously, a text that is advertising acne products is targeting teens and young adults who typically respond better to a less formal language. Likewise, it isn't difficult to determine the target audience if the source text is about beauty products, power tools, computer games, etc. However, there are also products and services that may be targeting several different groups of customers. In this case, the translator's guess can be false.

Determining the target audience isn't just about young vs old, men vs women, etc. It is also about reaching different cultures because a translation that doesn't consider cultural nuances may be inappropriate or even offensive. This is due to the fact that some words, expressions and concepts can have very different meanings in different countries/cultures that share a common language. For example, it is a huge difference if the translated material is to be used in Spain or Mexico.

How Important is to Determine the Target Audience of Translation?

All who work in the marketing industry know that in order to increase sales, improve brand recognition, strengthen customer loyalty, etc., they need to attract their target audience's attention. And to be able to do that, they must communicate their message in a language that appeals to the target audience. For that reason, it is of utmost importance that the translator has no doubt about whom the translated material will be targeting.

Translators USA Will Help You Communicate Your Message to Audiences Across the Globe

We have a worldwide database of over 9,000 highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable translators who can help you communicate your message to audiences across the globe. In order to provide the highest quality translations, all projects are entrusted to language specialists who are experts not only in the language and subject of translation but are also experts for the culture/target audience in question. We promise quality, fastest turnaround possible and the lowest rates in the industry! If you want to order a translation or need additional information, you can reach us on the number 888-790-8872 or through our website 7 days a week.