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School Transcript Translation

Translators USA language specialists have been helping individuals getting their foreign school transcripts recognized in the United States for almost two decades already. Transcripts that aren't written in English must be translated in order for them to be recognized by the US educational institutions, government agencies and often also by employers. Official transcripts that are issued in English by schools usually don't require additional verification in order for them to be recognized. But if the official English transcript cannot be issued by the school, it is crucial to have it translated to prove your foreign education credentials.

When are School Transcripts Required?


Since transcripts contain a lot of information about the student's performance at a particular school, many educational institutions require from applicants to submit official transcripts featuring official school stamps. Sometimes, they must even be submitted in a sealed form in order for them to be recognized as valid. But they may also be required by employers and government agencies including the USCIS.

What to Do if Your School Cannot Issue Official English Transcript?

Before you start looking for a translator, you should first ask your school if they can issue official English transcript. Since a growing number of students are signing up to foreign exchange programs or continue education abroad, more and more schools issue English transcripts on student's request. But if your school cannot issue official English transcript for one reason or the other, you should get it translated by a certified translator.

The USCIS and other US government agencies as well as educational institutions require certified translations. Even if the translation is accurate, there is a great chance that it will be rejected if it isn't certified, that is translated by a certified translator. Only certified translators can guarantee accuracy of translation by including a statement that they are competent to translate and that the translation is accurate. Certified translations must also include information about the translator so that their competence can be verified.

English Translation Shouldn't be Confused with English Evaluation

In addition to English transcript translation, some academic institutions may also require English evaluation of foreign credentials. The latter is provided by foreign education credential evaluation agencies that evaluate the quality of education completed abroad and convert foreign credentials into the US equivalents. You are advised to turn to your educational institution for an advice on the selection of evaluation agency because there is no government authority to regulate foreign education credential evaluation.

Fast, Convenient and Affordable (Certified!) School Transcript Translations

If you need school transcript translation, Translators USA language specialists are eager to help. So don't hesitate to contact us or simply upload your transcript to our Online Order Form and you will receive a draft translation to your email within 48 hours or sooner if necessary. As soon as you approve it, we will have it certified and shipped to you by the preferred mode of shipping immediately. The cost? You won't find better rates anywhere else. If you don't believe us, submit a request for free quote and compare it with other translation service providers. And remember, you can reach us 7 days a week through our website or by phone if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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