We at Translators USA are very proud to work with language specialists who can translate even the most complex documents such as patents. Considered to be among the most challenging documents to translate, patents don't only use a highly specialized technical terminology but they also tend to have their "own language" with its own rules and grammar. And if that wouldn't be challenging enough, there is typically also a lot of legal terminology.  


When it comes to patents translation, there mustn't be even a slightest error. While a misspelling or typo in most other types of translation usually doesn't have any major consequences other than the annoyance of having the translation corrected or done again, an error in patents translation can result in a very expensive legal action. Therefore, patents should be translated only by language specialists who have:

Expertise and Experience You Can Trust

Translators USA has been providing translation services including patents translation for almost two decades. During these two decades, we have created a worldwide database of language specialists who have expertise and experience you can rely on. In addition to giving us access to highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced translators who know all the pitfalls of patents translation and how to avoid them, our worldwide database of language specialists (over 9,000 in total) also enables us to:

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