Translators USA has helped many married couples validate their marriage in the United States by providing certified translation of their marriage certificates. Marriages performed abroad are usually automatically recognized in the United States, no matter if both, one or none of the spouses is an American citizen. However, all documents that are not written in English language – including marriage certificates – must be translated into English in order for them be accepted by the U.S. agencies.

What if Your Spouse is a Non-American Citizen?


If your spouse is a non-American citizen, he or she can live and work in the United States but must obtain an immigrant visa or green card. Being married to an American citizen doesn't automatically grant the U.S. citizenship or green card. However, non-American spouses usually don't have any difficulties obtaining a green card which is the key to establish a permanent residence in the United States and related rights. In addition to a translated marriage certificate, some other documents need to be submitted to the USCIS or the U.S. embassy in the country in question as well but marriage certificate is the most important one.

Certification and Notarization of Your Marriage Certificate

All translated documents submitted to the U.S. agencies or embassy also need to be certified. This means that translation must be done by a certified translator and that the translation must include a translator's statement in which they guarantee that the translation is accurate and provide their contact information so that their competence can be verified.

The USCIS and government agencies usually don't require notarization of translated marriage certificates. But if you are outside the United States, you may need notarization as well. Be sure to inform yourself about the requirements to avoid unnecessary delays.

Got Married Abroad? You Need Marriage Certificate Translation Even if Both of You are American Citizens

If you got married abroad, you need to validate your marriage by having your marriage certificate translated even if both of you are American citizens. If the marriage complies with the US laws, you will automatically be recognized as married but it is crucial that the translation is certified.

If You Need Certified Translation of Your Marriage Certificate, Translators USA Can Help

Our certified translators provide fast and cost-effective translation of marriage certificates in over 150 languages. All you need to do is to scan your marriage certificate and upload it to our Online Order Form or fax it on the number 800-861-1359. We will send you a draft within 24 to 48 hours or within the same day if you are in a hurry. As soon as you approve the draft translation, we will have it certified and notarized at no additional cost and send it to you immediately. For additional information, please call the number 888-790-8872 or contact us through our website. We are available 7 days a week.