Translators USA has helped many businesses in their international projects requiring marketing translation and subsequently, reach target audiences across the world. Unlike general translations which more or less require only language proficiency to ensure accuracy, marketing translation also requires specialized knowledge in a particular industry. But it also requires specialized marketing knowledge and in-depth knowledge of a particular country, culture and of course, the target audience.


Conveying the Right Message to the International Target Audience

While a growing number of consumers in foreign markets can be reached through English-only marketing materials, the majority still respond best to messages in their native languages. Any business that wants to reach the international target audience should therefore also carry out marketing campaigns in the target language(s). This, however, doesn't mean that a simple translation of the original marketing materials will do. In fact, even the most professionally written and catchy texts may not sound right if simply translated from English into another language. This is partly due to cultural nuances but it is also due to the language differences. Literal translation therefore rarely conveys the right message.

Our Approach to Marketing Translation

We at Translators USA are aware that marketing translation is very different from other types of translations and that it requires a very different approach in order to convey the right message to the international target audience. So what approach do we use? It is actually a two-step process which involves:

A Wide Range of Marketing Translation Services On Time and Pocket-Friendly Rates

Translators USA language specialists are available for a wide range of marketing translation services 7 days a week. We promise to provide high quality and meaningful translations which are based on specialized industry, marketing and cultural knowledge. But we also promise to deliver translated marketing materials on time and at very affordable rates.