Translators USA interpreters don't only seek to interpret words. They seek to interpret the communicated message which, however, also includes a number of nonverbal cues. According to some studies, nonverbal elements such as facial expressions and gestures account for over 90 percent of communication. In order to be able to provide a bridge between the speakers of different languages and help them establish effective communication, an interpreter therefore must also be able to "read" nonverbal cues.


How Nonverbal Cues Influence Interpretation?

Obviously, the interpreter needs to see the speaker in order to be able to interpret both verbal and nonverbal language. This means that whenever an interpreter is needed to break the language barrier and help two or multiple people who don't speak a common language establish effective communication, they should be provided with a clear sight of the speaker(s). If they aren't, they may miss important nonverbal cues and fail to grasp what the speaker is trying to say which in turn can lead to misinterpretation.

Errors that can occur if the interpreter can't see the speaker are of major concern in simultaneous interpreting because interpretation booths are typically installed behind the seating area which can be problematic for two reasons. Firstly, the interpreter may not be able to see the speaker clearly if they are viewing them from a large distance and secondly, the view of the speaker may be obstructed by the audience. When installing interpretation booths and other interpreting equipment, it is therefore crucial to make sure that the interpreters will have a clear and unobstructed view of the speaker at all times.

Nonverbal Cues and Phone Interpreting

Considering the role nonverbal cues play in communication, a question occurs what about phone interpreting? Should it be avoided? It is recommended to use in-person interpreting whenever possible which, however, doesn't mean that phone interpreting should be avoided. On the contrary, it has been shown to be a great solution for "emergency" situations such as unexpected visits or phone calls from a foreign business partner or client. In addition, most people tend to communicate differently when they are aware that the other person or interpreter, or both, can't see them.

In-Person or Over-the-Phone, Translators USA Interpreters Can Help You Break the Language Barrier Effectively

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