Translators USA provides professional interpreting services but we are also proud to say that we provide professional interpreting equipment. Over the years we have been helping our clients break the language barrier at their multilingual events, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to both organizing events requiring interpreters and choosing the best equipment for both small and large venues. We have therefore decided to team up with professional interpreting equipment brands which, in our opinion, can meet most needs and requirements as well as budgets.

Which Brand?


We at Translators USA and our language specialists have our favorites when it comes to interpreting equipment brands but when asked for advice by our clients, we don't simply recommend them a brand. In order to make the best choice, a number of factors need to be considered other than which brand to choose, ranging from the size of the venue to ease of setup/operation and number of active/passive languages to security issues, to mention only a few. And the last but not the least important, sometimes even a low-cost solution performs perfectly when set up and maintained by an experienced technician, while the most sophisticated equipment may perform unsatisfactory if not operated and maintained properly.

Listed below are interpreting equipment brands which are currently available at our online store and which, in our opinion, provide professional grade quality for an array of settings and applications:

- Listen Technologies. Products by this brand are widely considered as a synonym for premium quality sound, superior performance and reliability. Specializing in assistive listening solutions, the brand offers a wide selection of both stationary and portable RF systems as well as digital and wireless IR, various conferencing accessories and conferencing solutions, to mention only a few.

- Williams Sound. One of the leading manufacturers of wireless communication technologies, Williams Sound offers receivers, transmitters and related accessories such as antennas, batteries, earphones, cases, chargers, etc. which are an ideal choice for an array of settings and technical requirements.

- Multi Caisses. Best known for producing and distributing shipping cases, Multi Caisses is best known in the interpreting industry for their full size whisper cubes and table top interpreting booths which are available in a number of sizes and configurations, making them ideal for both large and small venues.

- Decade Transmitters. This Canadian brand is renowned for producing top quality and highly innovative FM transmitters which can be used for a wide range of applications. Unlike transmitters by most other brands that broadcast sound under the FM band 88.1 MHz, Decade Transmitters allow translation over the FM band 88.1-108.1 MHz. As a result, the translation can be listened to on regular portable radios and mobile phones featuring FM.

Interpreting Service, Interpreting Equipment and More

We provide both interpreting services and interpreting equipment but we are also happy to help with organizing and provide professional advice on anything related to interpreting, including equipment. So if you need interpreters, interpreting equipment, help with organizing your multilingual event or just an advice, you can always turn to Translators USA. We are available 7 days a week on the number 888-790-8872 and through our website.