Translators USA language specialists often interpret conversations of highly confidential nature. We thus fully understand the concerns of businesses and individuals in regard to interpreters' confidentiality as an eventual indiscretion of the interpreter can cause a major damage in both their personal and professional lives. But our clients can rest assured that their privacy and confidential information are 100% safe with us.


Translators USA Interpreters are Bound to Confidentiality

We are fully aware of the consequences of an eventual interpreters' indiscretion and therefore, we have taken several steps to ensure that our clients don't have to worry about whether or not their interpreters will disclose any information acquired while interpreting:

Exceptions to Interpreters' Confidentiality

As mentioned earlier, our interpreters are professionals who treat all information learned or acquired during interpreting as confidential. But there are a few exceptions: a court order, physical threat or danger to the client or others involved and situations in which maintaining confidentiality would be against the law. Interpreters may also disclose confidential information to their colleagues if not doing so could affect the quality of service.

Highest Quality Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whisper and Phone Interpreting Services at the Best Rates in the US

Translators USA interpreters are happy to help break the language barrier across the United States, 365 days a year and at the best rates in the industry. All are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who strictly follow our confidentiality policy as stipulated in our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. For additional information about our simultaneous, consecutive, whisper and phone interpreting services, please call 888-790-8872 or contact us through our website.