Translators USA interpreters are professionals who strictly follow the interpreters' code of ethics which among other also requires from them to maintain neutrality and impartiality at all times. Even though most clients take interpreters' neutrality and impartiality for granted, in reality, interpreters often find themselves in situations in which only the best can maintain objectivity.


Maintaining Neutrality and Impartiality Not as Easy as It May Seem

An interpreter only needs to convert what is being said in one language into another and mustn't add or withhold anything from either of the parties. Even though this doesn't seem difficult, it is important to keep in mind that interpreters often interpret for parties with different cultural backgrounds or/and with varying degrees of power in relation to the second party which in turn can put them in very unpleasant situations. For example, should interpreter render what was communicated if they know that it will offend the second party due to cultural differences? Should they intervene by cautioning the speaker? What if the interpreter sees that one party doesn't understand what the second party is trying to say? Should they say something? As you can see, it isn't as easy to remain neutral as it may seem at a first glance.

The Code of Ethics is Clear

We at Translators USA understand that interpreters may encounter situations in which they may struggle to maintain neutrality and impartiality. However, the code of ethics is clear about the issue. It is not the interpreter's job to mediate between two parties and they must never take sides or intervene on behalf of one party against the other. The interpreter's job is to render what is being said and nothing more or less. Similarly as a transcriptionist records what they hear, so does the interpreter interpret what they hear.

In addition to remaining neutral and impartial at all costs, interpreters also have to be:

Lastly, interpreters must never interpret when there is real or potential conflict of interest that may affect their neutrality and impartiality.

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