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Interpretation Booths – A Comparison Between Tabletop and Full-Size Booths

Eager to provide our clients with everything they need for the highest quality interpretation regardless of the type of the event and size of the venue, Translators USA professional interpreting equipment store also includes interpretation booths that can accommodate most needs, preferences and budgets.

Available in different sizes, styles and features, interpretation booths at our store can basically be divided into two types:


  • - Tabletop Booths

These booths are designed to be placed atop a table. Obviously, the interpreter sits with the upper part of the body inside the booth which is enclosed on the top and sides but open in the back. As a result, it isn't entirely soundproof although the enclosure prevents most of the sound from both coming in and out of the booth. It is relatively easy to transport, versatile (it can be used virtually anywhere where there is a table and chair) and can be set up in a matter of minutes. And since it is less technologically sophisticated, a tabletop booth is also considerably less expensive.

  • Full-Size Booths

In contrary to tabletop booths that are only partially soundproof, full-size booths are fully soundproof. They are enclosed from all sides including from the back and floor in order to provide 100% resistance to the passage of sound. The interpreter and all interpreting equipment is within the booth which also features own air conditioning, lighting system and windows to allow the language specialist(s) to have a good view of the audience. Due to their size and all the features, these booths are obviously more difficult to install and transport than tabletop booths.

What Do Interpreters Say About Tabletop and Full-Size Booths?

All interpreters appreciate minimal interference from background noise and comfort. Therefore, they usually prefer working in full-size booths as they are fully soundproof and more comfortable than their tabletop counterparts. But most of them don't mind sitting inside a tabletop booth either as long as it is well positioned – with the back against the wall and slightly away from the audience - and of course, if they are provided with a comfortable chair.

In addition to the position of the booth which should provide a good view of the setting yet be slightly removed, all interpreters also emphasize the importance of quality interpreting equipment, most notably sound quality and reliability, no matter if they are working inside a tabletop or full-size booth. In order to provide the highest quality interpretation, they obviously need to hear the speaker loud and clear.

Tabletop Booths, Full-Size Booths and More!

With years of experience in providing interpreting services, we at Translators USA understand what it takes to make everyone happy – both the interpreters and their clients. Our store therefore offers a rich selection of both tabletop and full-size booths but we also pride ourselves to offer the finest selection of state-of-the-art interpreting equipment which, just like our interpreting services, is available at the most competitive prices.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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