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How Much Time is Needed to Install Interpreting Equipment?

In addition to the highest quality interpreting services, Translators USA also provides assistance in everything related to interpreting including interpreting equipment and its installation. How much time is needed to install interpreting equipment depends on several factors but it above all depends on the type of equipment purchased/rented and the number of rooms in which it is to be installed.


Less Technologically Sophisticated Equipment isn't Necessarily Installed Faster

Generally, the more the equipment is technologically sophisticated the more difficult it is to install. And the same counts for interpreting equipment which often requires an experienced technician to have it installed properly (and fast). But there are always exceptions. Let's take wireless and wired solutions for example. While wireless devices can be set up in about half an hour (in one room), their wired counterparts take twice as much because of all the cables. One hour may not seem much but if you are using multiple rooms, having everything set up can take quite some time, especially if there is only one technician.

The Importance of Planning Extra Time for Installation of Interpreting Equipment

Unfortunately, it isn't always possible to plan everything ahead and situations requiring fast solutions are not uncommon. The good news is that there are interpreting solutions designed especially for events with little time for organization. But regardless of the chosen equipment, it is crucial to plan extra time for its installation in order to allow the technician to test it and have enough time to solve technical/installation issues if any should occur.

Interpreters, Interpreting Equipment and Professional Advice

We have a nationwide database of highly trained, experienced and professional interpreters with specialized knowledge in an array of subjects and industries. Our language specialists can successfully handle both small and large venues, virtually any kind of event and any kind of subject/industry, and provide interpretation in over 150 languages.

In addition to providing simultaneous interpreting services, our professionals are also available for consecutive and whisper interpreting which are ideal for unplanned bilingual business meetings, conferences and tours. Speaking about unplanned events, we are also proud to offer phone interpreting and help our clients break the language barrier when there is not enough time for in-person interpreting.

We at Translators USA specialize in providing the highest quality interpreting services but we have recently expanded our services to include professional interpreting equipment for a wide range of applications. Always eager to help, we are also happy to provide advice on interpreting equipment including its selection and installation. So if you are looking for interpreters, interpreting equipment or just an advice, you can always turn to Translators USA. We are available 7 days a week!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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