While striving to provide the highest quality interpreting services, Translators USA also strives to provide the best pricing possible. We are aware that our clients are not seeking for the lowest rates possible because they don't want to pay but because they have to. Holding a multilingual event is quite expensive, especially if you have to hire a venue, cover the speakers' expenses, catering, etc. Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable interpreters aren't cheap but in comparison to the other costs related to holding a multilingual event, they are not that expensive.


Factors That Play the Key Role in Pricing

How much you will be charged for interpreting services depends greatly on several factors. Above all, it depends on:

Our Advice

You are highly recommended not to try to cut the cost of interpreting services by limiting the number of interpreters. Providing the highest quality interpretation requires the highest level of concentration. Therefore, it is crucial for the interpreters to be able to take turns every 30 minutes and be provided with a break in between the sessions. Otherwise, the quality of their service will begin to drop which may lead to errors and potentially serious misunderstandings. Likewise, you are advised not to utilize the "emergency" solutions such as relay interpreting to avoid having interpreters flown in. Relay interpreting is an option when interpreters for the target language combination are unavailable but it should be used as the last resort because it increases the risk of misinterpreting as the speech is interpreted twice before reaching the listeners.

Quality Interpreting Services At Up To 20% Lower Rates

We at Translators USA pride ourselves to offer the highest quality interpreting services but we also pride ourselves to have on average 20% lower rates than our competitors. So if you are looking for quality at the best price possible, Translators USA won't let you down. For more information, please call 888-790-8872 or contact us through our website.