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Fast Translations – How Fast Are They Really?

Both individuals and businesses alike are turning to Translators USA because we always deliver quality. But they are also choosing our translation services because we have the fastest turnaround in the industry. Unfortunately, our turnaround isn't always as fast as our clients would want it to be but we always do our very best to meet our clients' needs.

Translations Within 24 Hours or Sooner

Urgent translations – translations that need to be done within 24 hours or sooner are getting increasingly common. It is possible to meet extremely short deadlines and deliver quality at the same time but only under condition that:


  • A translator for the target language is available immediately. With the number of urgent translations growing, translation service providers with a small team of language specialists can deliver only a limited amount of translations within 24 hours or sooner. But since a rejection may lead to the loss of a client, many translation agencies are pushing their language specialists to work faster or overtime which can seriously affect quality of their translations. For us, sacrificing quality at the expense of fast turnaround is unacceptable. To deliver both, we work with over 9,000 language specialists who can translate in over 150 languages and as a result, we can immediately find a translator for the target language.
  • A translator or group of translators has subject knowledge. In order to be able to deliver quality translation fast, it is crucial for the translator or group of translators working on the project to have subject knowledge. Why? Because it plays the key role in accuracy, especially when it comes to specialized terminology. But it also shortens the time needed to find the most accurate and relevant translation for the most complex terms and expressions. Therefore, we always assign urgent translations to translators who have both language proficiency and subject knowledge.
  • A translator or group of translators has experience with urgent translations. Extremely short deadlines put a major pressure on language specialists. And while some perform best when under pressure, the majority experience a severe stress which can seriously interfere with their concentration and lead either to errors or failure to meet the deadline, or both. The stress due to short deadlines is typically overcome with experience and for that reason, only our most experienced language specialists are entrusted with urgent projects.

Our Promise

For documents up to 5 pages, we guarantee to deliver a draft translation within 24 hours or sooner. High-volume documents are unfortunately impossible to translate within a few hours but we promise to translate them in the shortest time possible. But we also promise to deliver the highest quality at the most competitive rates in the industry. So if you are looking for fast and quality translation services at fair rates, be sure to give us a call or contact us through our website.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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