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Editing and Proofreading – Integral Part of Translating

Editing and Proofreading – Integral Part of Translating

Dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we at Translators USA don't take any shortcuts when it comes to quality. For us, a misspelled name, typo, incorrect date or telephone number, etc. is unacceptable. In addition to working with the most knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated translators, we therefore also make sure that all translations done by our language specialists are meticulously edited and proofread.


Editing, the Process of Improving the Translation's Quality

Every translator who cares about quality of their work reads their translation when completed, compares it to the original text and makes editions if necessary to convey the original message and make sure that the translation is appropriate for the target audience. While editing, they also check for sentence structure, grammar, spelling, etc. and then, read the translation again to make sure that no unintended errors were made while editing.

Since it is extremely difficult to edit one's own translation given that every language specialist knows exactly what they wanted to say, it is typically also done by an independent editor who makes sure that the translated text really conveys the intended message. To be able to make improvements if and where necessary, however, the editor must be a specialist for both the original and target language as well as for the subject of translation.

Proofreading, the Final "Polishing"

When editing is completed, the translation is taken over by a proofreader who focuses on the small things that are often missed by both translator and editor: spelling, grammar, punctuation and a variety of other things that can affect the quality of the final document. Proofreader looks the text as standalone and doesn't compare it with the original. This and adjusting the language to the target audience is the editor's job. However, it is the proofreader's job to make sure that the translation is adjusted to a particular language variation, for example US English as opposed to UK English.

In short, proofreader makes sure that the translated text is correct as itself. Therefore, they don't have to be multilingual or specialists for the subject of translation. But they have to be specialists for grammar, style, spelling and punctuation as well as have a very sharp eye to find and correct typographic errors that often go unnoticed by both translators and editors.

Quality You Can Count On!

While keeping up with the technological advancements to provide both our clients and language specialists access to top-of-the-line equipment and meet the requirements of the modern era, we at Translators USA also believe in the good old-fashioned commitment to quality. All translations are therefore done by our skilled, experienced and diligent language specialists who make no difference between big and small projects, and private individuals and multinational corporations. All translations are of course also carefully edited and proofread to make sure that they meet the highest quality standards.

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