Translators USA team of linguistic experts who are specialized in personal documents translations have helped hundreds of both American and non-American citizens to have their foreign diplomas recognized in the United States and continue education on the US universities or/and apply for jobs for which they are qualified. By providing the highest quality translation services and information about what is necessary to have education completed abroad recognized in the United States, we have also helped hundreds of our clients dramatically shorten the duration of the validation process.


Certification, Not Notarization

To apply for a visa either to study or work in the United States, applicants must submit certified translations of relevant documents including those that prove their education/qualifications. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what certification actually means. Instead of submitting certified translations, many applicants submit notarized translations only to find out that they are not accepted by the USCIS, US embassies and other governmental agencies nor educational institutions.

The USCIS, US embassies and other governmental and non-governmental institutions require CERTIFIED translations. This means that translated documents don't need a notary's stamp. Instead, they need to be official certified translations – completed by a certified translator and include a translator's statement that the document is an accurate translation of the original. Also, the translator must provide contact information so that their competence can be verified.  

Notarized but not certified translations are rejected because a notary's stamp is only a validation of the document's and its signatures' authenticity. It doesn't, however, validate the translation's accuracy. For that reason, notarization of diploma translation isn't necessary.

For Peace of Mind, All Our Translations Are Both Certified and Notarized

We at Translators USA understand that our clients don't want to take any chances in order to avoid unnecessary delays in recognition of their foreign diplomas. Therefore, we go an extra mile for our clients. Not only all diploma translations done by our translators are certified but they are also notarized at no additional cost. All of course also include a translator's statement that they are accurate translations of the original and all the necessary information about the translator for the USCIS and other institutions to be able to verify their certification status or competence. Also, all certified translations are printed on our official letterhead paper so that it is instantly clear that they have been completed by professionals.

If you would like to order a diploma translation, simply go to our Online Order Form and upload scanned diploma. We will send you a draft translation within 24 to 48 hours but if you are in a hurry, we can also send it to you within the same day. As soon as you approve the draft, we will have two copies certified and notarized, and send them to you immediately. For additional information, you can reach us through our website or by phone on the number 888-790-8872. We are available 7 days a week!