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Deposition Interpreting At a Glance

Translators USA skilled and experienced interpreters don't only provide interpreting services for conferences, business meetings and similar events but are also available for legal procedures including depositions. These are very similar to the traditional court proceedings which means that the interpreter has to be familiar with the legal terminology in general and that related to the case in question. However, there are some notable differences between interpreting court proceedings and depositions. Therefore, depositions should be interpreted by certified language specialists with experience in interpreting this legal procedure.


Court Trial Vs Deposition

Deposition is a legal procedure that takes place outside the court and is held before the trial with an aim to gather information relevant for the case. The main difference between court trial and deposition is that the latter doesn't include a judge. In addition to the witness, and lawyers of the plaintiff and defendant, a court reporter is present as well but their role is limited to recording the statements. If the witness doesn't speak English or has limited English proficiency, then an interpreter is provided to make sure that the witness understands the questions and to translate their answers for the attorneys and court reporter.

Since depositions are held outside the court and don't include a judge, lawyers tend to interrupt one another, talk over one another and speak for extremely long periods of time or/and fast. This can make it very difficult for the interpreter to render an accurate translation which is of utmost importance in legal matters. For that reason, it is crucial for deposition to be interpreted by a language specialist who can handle the mentioned challenges. Even if it doesn't include a judge and isn't held in a courtroom, deposition is legally just as binding.

Interpreting Depositions

Depositions involve the use of specialized legal terminology but they often also involve the use of subject-related terminology. In order to accurately interpret everything that is said as required to swear under oath before the deposition begins, it is crucial for the language specialist to prepare extensively for the procedure.

Equally important is for the interpreter to ensure that the legal teams avoid behavior that would prevent them from rendering accurate translation. How? Skilled and knowledgeable interpreters who have experience in deposition interpreting don't hesitate to remind the lawyers to speak one at a time, make frequent pauses or/and repeat the sentence or part of the sentence if necessary. And they usually do it with a lot of self-confidence by which they let the legal teams know that they won't allow accuracy of their interpretation to suffer just because the lawyers are failing to comply with the rules of conduct.

Need Interpreter(s) for Deposition? Translators USA Can Help

As mentioned earlier, Translators USA interpreters are available for depositions as well. We work with language specialists who have the knowledge, skills and experience to overcome all challenges of this legal procedure and render accurate interpretation. We are available 7 days a week on phone number 888-790-8872 but you can also contact us through our website.

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