The majority of Translators USA clients return for more because we always deliver quality and fast translations at very affordable rates. We work very closely with our clients which enables us to accommodate their needs perfectly. But it also enables us to evaluate how well our clients are informed about the process of translation and the industry's quality standards. Thus we have noticed that both individuals and businesses alike are more and more informed about the key ingredients of quality translation. However, we have also noticed that one very important aspect of translation isn't receiving as much attention as it should – consistency.  


The Importance of Consistency in Translation

Let's take English language for example. It has a very rich vocabulary with more synonyms and related words to choose from than any other language. As a result, a translator can convey the original message in many different ways. While this is one of the main beauties of English language, it can also cause consistency issues.

The use of synonyms and variations of words and phrases is highly desirable because it improves the flow and makes the text more attractive to the readers. But it can also cause confusion and make the text appear unprofessional. Rather than the use of synonyms and related words, however, it is style inconsistency that is most problematic. Most translators have a unique repertoire of words they use and a unique style of writing. As a result, no two translations are the same. Even though both are accurate, they sound differently. And when this happens in the same document, you have a problem.

More Translators – More Consistency Issues

The most common cause of consistency issues is having more translators working on a single translation simultaneously either to due extremely short deadline or large quantity of texts. Due to the above mentioned reasons, the translation won't only show that it was done by multiple language specialists but it will also have a different tone. Having more translators working on your project therefore isn't necessarily a good thing because it can reduce rather than increase the quality of translation.

How Translators USA Ensures Consistency

We at Translators USA are fully aware of what can cause consistency issues and how it can affect the quality of translation. Therefore, we :