Translators USA language specialists often translate documents that contain very sensitive and highly confidential information ranging from personal information, medical information, corporate information, business secrets, etc. We therefore completely understand our clients' concerns about confidentiality and security of documents submitted for translation. Who will have access to the documents? How many people will see them? How you can be sure that sensitive and confidential information won't be disclosed to anyone? These are only a few of many questions in regard to confidentiality and security we are asked on a regular basis. And we are always happy to answer them because we are aware that disclosure of any information can seriously violate the right to privacy, cause an irreparable damage to business reputation and possibly even lead to lawsuits.


How We Ensure Confidentiality

We at Translators USA are fully committed to confidentiality and security. Every document that is submitted for translation is handled as top secret because protecting confidentiality and privacy of our clients is sacred to us no matter if the client is large corporation or private individual. To make sure that our clients' information is safe from disclosure to third parties at every step of the process, we have a very strict confidentiality policy which is unconditionally followed by each and every single of our translators.

To ensure confidentiality and security of documents submitted for translation, we don't only rely on a set of rules that prohibit our translators from disclosing anything from the documents they translate and provide a detailed guidance on how to handle clients' documents to prevent third party access. We have full confidence in our language specialists and their commitment to confidentiality. However, we are also aware that the risk of privacy violation and disclosure of sensitive information increases with the number of people having access to the document. The number of language specialists having access to our clients' documents is therefore limited to the minimum. To protect our clients' documents physically and prevent intrusion into our IT systems, all our offices and information technology are equipped with the most advanced security systems.

Have Questions? Don't Submit Documents for Translation Until You Get All the Answers

When submitting documents for translation to Translators USA, you don't have to emphasize confidentiality of your documents because each and every single document is handled as such. But we highly recommend you not to submit any documents, especially if containing very sensitive information to us or any other translation service provider if you have any questions or concerns about confidentiality and security of your documents. Submit documents for translation only when you get all the answers to your questions. So don't hesitate to contact us via our website or phone. We are available 7 days a week and 365 days a year.