We at Translators USA strongly believe that well informed clients making well informed decisions are just as important as professional, knowledgeable and experienced team of interpreters. We have therefore decided to clear out some of the most common myths about interpreting which include:


The UN indeed employs a large number of interpreters, however, the majority of them don't work for the organization. The myth about most interpreters working for the UN is probably related to the fact that they are often invisible to the audience including the event participants who need a translation. In reality, interpreters are present in a growing number of businesses, especially in those that are working with international clients or/and business partners as well as in everyday life helping individuals with limited proficiency access to vital services such as medical, legal, social security and education.

Wrong! Even the greatest experts can provide the highest quality service only if it is related to their area of specialization. For example, a simultaneous interpreter can't provide consecutive interpreting. Also, a language specialist who isn't familiar with the subject of the event won't be able to provide an accurate and meaningful translation because they don't know the terminology which can be highly specialized. What is more, interpreters always need some background information and time to prepare even if they know the language and subject, and have years of experience in interpreting.

Multilingual events with simultaneous interpreters require at least two interpreters per language. Why? Because simultaneous interpreting is very intensive and in order to be able to keep maximum concentration which is the key to the highest quality service, interpreters should take turns every 30 minutes. And since interpreters shouldn't work more than 6 hours a day, events that last longer need a larger team of language specialists.

They can provide an advice but they are there to provide their service, that is to convert the source language into the target language. It is the organizer's job to make sure that the interpreters have all the necessary equipment either by renting or buying it if there isn't any.

On the contrary, the need for interpreters will grow rather than decline. It may be true that the number of people who speak or/and understand English has increased dramatically, however, the majority aren't fluent speakers. And since the international exchange of products and service is growing at an unprecedented rate, we may soon face shortage of interpreters.

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