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Breaking the Language Barrier at Your Conference - What are Your Options?

Translators USA has been helping both small businesses and large multinational corporations break the language barrier at their conferences for nearly two decades. We understand both the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally but we also understand that different companies have different needs and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Eager to meet each and every client's specific needs and help them in their global business activities, we thus give our clients the ability to choose between different options:


  • Simultaneous interpreting. It is the preferred type of interpreting, especially for large multilingual conferences because it instantly renders translation to all participants, regardless of how many languages need to be interpreted into. But it requires professional interpreting equipment and at least two interpreters per language if the conference is expected to last more than an hour. Ideally, interpreters should switch every 20 to 30 minutes in order to provide the highest quality service.
  • Consecutive interpreting. It is most certainly worth considering, especially if the conference will be bilingual and if there won't be many speakers. Consecutive interpreting does extend the duration of the event because the speaker has to make pauses in order for the interpreter to translate. But it doesn't require any equipment other than perhaps a microphone and a few speakers.
  • Whisper interpreting. It is considered ideal for small-scale conferences and events such as factory tours, site visits and social occasions as it requires no special equipment. But unlike consecutive interpreting, whisper interpreting doesn't prolong the duration of the event because translation is “whispered” to the client simultaneously. However, other participants may be distracted by the interpreter who doesn't exactly whisper but instead, speaks with a lower voice.
  • Phone interpreting. Thanks to the advances in IT technology, a growing number of conferences are held at a distance. But it isn't just conferences that can be held at a distance but interpreting too regardless if the participants are on- or off-site. Phone interpreting is also ideal for unplanned visits, not allowing enough time to recruit interpreters to interpret on-site.

Symmetric or Asymmetric Language Regime?

In addition to deciding between different types of interpreting, Translators USA clients also have the ability to choose between symmetric and asymmetric language regimes. An event is said to have a symmetric regime when the number of languages interpreted into equals the number of languages interpreted from. Obviously, this will be very appreciated by the conference participants because each of them will be able to listen to translation in their native language. But it will require more interpreters than asymmetric regime which foresees interpretation into fewer languages than there are being spoken. But while reducing the cost of interpreting services, asymmetric regime increases the risk of misunderstandings among the participants listening to translation in their second language.

Break the Language Barrier at Your Conference with Translators USA Interpreters

Available nationwide and 365 days a year, Translators USA interpreters have the experience with both small- and large-scale conferences and various subjects including technical, commercial, marketing, media, medical, finance, engineering, politics, ... We have it all covered. So if you need interpreting service, whether it be simultaneous, consecutive, whisper or phone interpreting, call 888-790-8872 or contact us through our website for more details.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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